Another idea: a new set of mech parts for a dragon theme

a torso in the shape of a dragon head, a pair of double jointed legs, a shoulder mounted flame ball launcher called the dragons breath , and a broad swoard called the dragon slayer, and a small drone that looks like a dragon head that shoots streams of fire.


no , just no.

this is a game about robots , not dragons…


no i think thats kind of to hard for them to make or do so just no

something like yoshimo?

i remeber that torso i had it before the reload

uhh this?

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There were dragon torso and dragon flamethrowers

what if there was a claw like mele weapon

You can draw some yourself :smile::+1:


Plot twist :
New weapon released : Dragon’s Breath
its just crimson rapture , except even more overpowered with doubled heat damage and cooldown drain , how do they balance this ? a teenee heavier in weight . And to finish all this they slap it in a portal with bullshit drop rate and difficulty .


well its just one part of thing im thinking of. dragonic parts are heat related, cyber-punk parts are energy related, and for physical… steampunk.