Another great idea by the one and only Faker


Alright so I came across another time consuming process that was a real pain to complete, my oil savers happened to be broken full squads and when relics came out i wanted to add them together to get as many units as i could attacking. However this meant i would have to individually go into each ship and add them to another, a process that i had to repeat about 60 times (4 squads of veh), so my brilliant idea is this:

Add an option in Orders > Squads, to add ships to each other without going into each individual squad and moving units around.

  • Brilliant idea once again
  • Don’t make oil savers out of full squads
  • I’ve got a better idea (post below)
  • I just don’t like your ideas because I’m jealous of how sexy you are

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You made poll wrong.


huh please explan
20 chr


It should be simple choice, with your poll everyone can choose every answer one, so 1 man could vote for each answer


LOL your polling is rigged.


oh haha ah well, you get the point


More like your voting is rigged :runner:


Never save oil, keep relocating and setting up TBs everywhere if you have excess. Peace.