Another conspiracy theory, guys?


I got 2 desert fury’s, Spinefall, Desert Snake, Mortal Bullet, Anguish, Dustmaker

And rest were myth food legendaries…


Hey Besty, perhaps it would be the best idea to simply count items in each category. Because we may even be unaware of the fact that we have more of particular category, even though we believe we are physicals, for example (it takes a couple of energy and heat items to build a physical, too). But that is just a general idea.


People get legendaries mostly from the mix boxes that drop? Fortune box are usually dropped from completing the mission for the first time?


Bro, when I was Heat i got only physical weapons. Now i’m phys I get mostly energy weapons. It’s all up to balls if you ask me.


Not necessarily. It simply means that you HAVE MORE CHANCES to drop better items of particular category, but it does not block you altogether. I did drop 3 rolling beasts, some heat hooks, 2 seraph blades… But I would like to focus on the portals. WHY ON EARTH THE EMP PORTAL WAS AWESOME FOR ME AND SHIT FOR OTHERS? This is something interesting. As always, I would like to invite our precious @Sarah247 to join the thread and perhaps shed some light. Sarah, will you?


How about you mate? You got some variety in inventory or only heat stuffs?


I get no legendary from this portal :frowning:



Yeah, 50+ Runs on insane, No boxes, Wasted 200+ tokens


I got maybe 10 to 15 emp out of the emp portal (i maxed 2 :joy: ) no legy at all tho.


I was questioning you lol, I know they do

just keep grinding, you’ll get one. :smile::smile::smile:


Hopefully… Though waiting 24 hours for my fuel to max is long -.-

Item portals are unfair

What? The fuel tank refuells in circa 5 hours. To be exact:
1 point every 4 minutes. If you are level 150, that means 73 points x 4 = 292.
Divide this by 60 minutes and you get 4,8 hours.


I sleep in these times, Even Happy Hardcore music can’t wake me up, So 24 hours for me XD


1 point every 5 minutes actually
5 x 73 = 365 mins
365/60 = just over 6 hours


Simple answer : Random Number Generator


Of course!
I hate it.


Last i checked, and that was last week, mostly heat stuff. With some random energy things, drones, and some random phis stuff, rolling.


What about the one befor?
It could be, one good portal for a player, then next one is crappy.
It kinda fits a bit with Mordes pattern.


I was phys, then for no reason I got heat shit thrown at me


Did 6 total refills (First time I did refills so seriously!) and this is what they gave me


It’s either very BS or Decent.