Another conspiracy theory, guys?


Greetings, Pilots!
I just have been wondering why on earth do I see such huge differences in drops between individual portals? EMP portal was insane, about 7 legends, it was like a breath of fresh air for a drowning man… I literaly started believing I can do something in this game… Heat bomb was much worse, but I dropped just one critical legend, my second ash, so no crying at all. But claws was just disaster, and it appears that the war hammer is going to be the same… No box for entire 73 fuel? Kidding me? I ask whyyyyyyyy? And I came up with a theory.
I have a shitload of various items in the garage, most of them maxxed. As I run a triple energy setup, the majority of items are energy weapons, torsos and legs, and energy engines. I used to run a maxxed heat as the third mech, plus I have plenty of maxxed heat engines. But I do not have a lot of physical items. And from the portals that rocked, I can count EMP (energy items), Heat bomb (heat), and also Flaming Scope (heat too). THEORY:
Is it possible that the RNG engine draws results of drops based on what you have in your garage as maxxed?
Let me provide evidence:

  1. Mordulec case: Claw and War Hammer are physical portals, and I did not receive anything good from them. That also explains why after a year of spending in Reloaded I did not receive a single platinium plate (also physical item)…
  2. @Mr.E, @lordgorgon: these guys run triple physical setups, and E has like 7 plates, shitload of Claws, and Lord is virtually spammed with claws to the extent he can’t stand his girl putting nail enamel on…:rofl:
  3. Case of Rising’s boy Matthew: tripple energy setup, lots of energy items…
    What do you think guys?


At some point i felt the drops i got was based on the mech i used … energy mechs users get energy weapons , etc … but idk there is a very less chance that its true


This was literally me in the morning. I wasted an entire 93 fuel (73 + 20 from pvp). And nada, I was beyond pissed off.

So far after 100+ runs (I’m farming less because screw this bs), I’ve only managed 3 legs. Garbage myth fods.


It is more possible that the drops just very low in general :exclamation:


You know … a 0.5% chance is a 0.5% chance and so on :exclamation:


But what I noticed for sure … the first 30 runs are always better then the rest you do :exclamation:



1 legend - from the claw
1 legend - Heat bomb
1 legend - EMP
my result :frowning:


May be true but drops depend from player to player
Emp was just a waste of time and tokens for me
I did like 100+ runs and i got just 1 legendary (hook)


And what is your setup, broh? EMP was the most badass portal for me, like 99% drop rate, and at least 7 legends, over 20 emps themselves… But that is me, 3 x ele…


An on the other side …

+270 runs at The Claw portal and not 1 Legendary … what does that say us :question:

(Fluxy got +20 Legendaries if I am not wrong)


Would you find the analogy in the case of your account, Besty? What is the majority of your MAXXED MYTHICAL ITEMS in the garage? Physical, heat or energy?


Bruh i have to say you facked my brain this early morning :slight_smile:.
You might be right, i have received more than 10 spartans over the months. I have 3 mercys, NFs all around, 7 claws (arachnophobia started :slight_smile: , 6 plates, 6 or 7 desert furys, 3 greedys etc… maxxed myth items are 90% phys, save for the modules, pretty much everything.
This portal didnt drop any legies up to now (3 fuel tanks)
But i cant really know since i keep physical stuffs and use the rest as food. I am sure i had shetload of vaillant for exemple, but i ever get only 1 magma…


I don’t think this is true…

I have a valiant and bunker on my maxed energy

Spartan and mercy on my maxed phys

and Crimson rapture on my 75% done heat mech…

I’m getting a good mix. What does that mean?


that is really sad…
What was broken, because you weren’t the only one that suffered like that?
During those runs, was there legacy items used by your setup?
Legacy perks?
I have a theory that is somehow linked to these things, one way or another.


Hi mate, I would far better fack your head with a couple of vodka shots in the evening! But hey, IF YOU HAVE THESE ITEMS YOU MUST HAVE RECEIVED THEM FIRST… I NEVER LANDED A MERCY… NEVER. NOT A SINGLE PLAT PLATE (the one I have is from a conversion box). Only single pieces of other physical items… That makes more and more sense to me…


that theory can be very true, it is either based on preset dispositions for each account, phis oriented, and thus you get mostly phis stuf.
It may be linked to what you predominantly use, or it can be preset by an algorithm


We will not know until you tell us the outcomes of the last portals? Heat and Flaming, EMP and Claw and Hammer? What were they? All similar drops?


Item portals these days are pointless, People only play them for the Imaginary drop chance of a Legend in a Fortune box that Drops ever 100 plays, The portals today are so crap it’s amazing, Every player that didn’t reach Unicorn is just sad, They didn’t get to experience the REAL E-M Portal, The drop rates back then were perfect but the drop rates today are crap, Absolute CRAP


That will be tonight mate… once again i doubt ill see the last hour of the season… :))))))


Let me check … no :exclamation:

I have 2 physical mechs, 2 heat mechs and 2 energy mech all with best possible items (not all equiped) :exclamation:

And around +30 Mythicals maxed boosted in the inventory “garage” :exclamation: Also a good mix of all types :exclamation:

So for me it really looks more like a …

  • “switch on” player is not able to get anything good

and …

  • “switch off” player is able to get something good

… at least my expierence with Portals and Boxes/Packs says that :exclamation:



That might very well be the case.
For me, drops of spartans, claws and plates are ridiculous… really.


If that is the case… it kinda of sucks since it gets you stuck in a single mech type for the whole carrier.
Thus hindering alot the creativity and the experiment phase of the builds.