Another cheater / bug exploiter in raid


So here we go again.
@Smirk and @Berserk40000, please read this thoroughly as it will certainly not be the last time that you get this kind of report / complaint about raid until TS finally prevents or punishes cheating and bug exploiting in raid.

During today’s raid (tier 5) you had to take at least 1 point of damage from each tank and 2 points of damage from the mech in the upper right corner (1 from its weapon + 1 from its drone).

Also it is not possible to escape the range of the mech in the upper right corner as it has weapons ranging from range 1-2 over 3-6 to 4-8 and hence could attack the WHOLE stage during the first round.
Just mentioning that in case anyone claims to have made the mech teleport in round 1 which is not possible!

So you had to take 1 + 1 + 2 = 4 points of damage at the very least during today’s raid.
This would result in a top score of 5,998 points for today with no better score reachable!
With 5,998 points in score from today and flawless rounds from tier 1 to tier 4 giving the player 13,000 points before that the highest legally obtainable total score is 18,998 points.

Yet there is one player that has 83 points more than that!
And that is only possible by avoiding to take at least 1 point of damage by either cheating or exploiting a bug.

So please ask TS to finally address this issue and seal those bugs or cheats.

There have already been different suggestions by players (including myself) that ranged from

  • demanding a replay feature for the best run on raids to expose these cheats / exploits and then punish the players
  • a check comparing the minimal damage a player has to take to the actual damage the player took during a raid and then punishing those exploits/cheats by giving a bad score when the player “mysteriously” received less damage than the minimal damage to receive would be.

Oh so merry Bug-mas


Explanation pls


I’ve talked to him already, it was the nicely knew but, which makes you to disconect after finishing the level, then you’re able to play again and both scores counts


Can you please explain that bug?
I never heard of that one.
Maybe TS can solve that bug if they know the details about it.

The reason why I am so mad about this issue is that the bug (or whatever it is) just happens far too often.
So it seems like it is triggered on purpose by some players.
Hence I complain every time till TS finally fixes this.


Lmao, work hard cloud, work hard.


look this today finish 6 impossible perfect…



Hello, thanks for your report, @CloudedSunrise
I have read it throughly and looked through the replies and the screenshots
I am sure devs are already working on that matter, but I will remind them today about that
Appreciate the accurate info from you


Hallo Mister @Berserk40000

  • this cheating of the Raid is going on now for many months (since the start of Raid)

  • a few players were banned for (my guess is about 4 - 5)

  • BUT not all were banned for using these bugs on purpose

  • you can clearly see the huge difference from first place to others, which is a impossible score with fair gameplay, without using a bug on purpose

  • this is pretty unfair to all honest playing players, who try for hours to reach best possible score at Raid

… would be great if you can investigate the last 2 weeks results, in my opinion it is exactly the same case as when Fluxeon won all the time, using a bug on purpose and to my knowledge he got a livetime ban for his account :exclamation:

Thank you to make this game clear again :exclamation:




@bestplayerintheworld wow, that was a very thorough explanation! Thank you for that! Pinged our devs again
If the problem is so important, consider that they know about it from now on


But… someone should get the 1st place. Or the first place is only symbolic???

And… if logically someone must be on the 1st. Place… let’s say that they are all cheaters…?

Tomorrow I can get the 1st… so I am a cheater too?

If the first one is impossible, then eliminate the 1 and start from 2… a little absurd…


Sorry, once more your logic fails …

  • being 1st doesn’t mean you are automatically a cheater

  • but having impossible scores as 1st = clear cheater

… please do not always mix up things, just to try to construct an argument :exclamation:

(thats a very good example, because you do that very often, facts do not lie, so there is no need to mix up things)



What is the “impossible scores”…???

I think player who get the 1st. Is player who received less damage.

In all races there is always someone that arrives first. Then, nobody should arrive first?


Your weak tries to protect the cheaters makes me laugh :exclamation:





Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Shame you’re ignoring that just to call people cheaters. Biased besty reighs strong eh


here’s another


The issue is that players at the top already receive the absolute minimal damage possible in the raid.
And from 2 plat plates + 4 iron plates over 3 plat plates with 3 iron plates to 4 plat plates with 2 iron plates the score only increases by 1 point each time.

By logical assumption from 4 plat plates with 2 iron plates to 6 plat plates you should only be able to increase the score by another 2 points at best.
Btw. you need the remaining 2 module slots for 1 protector and 1 heat module.

But suddenly there is a player ranked with 50-100 points in score more any other player including those with 4 plat plates and 2 iron plates.
So how does that 1 player reach that score when you cannot decrease the taken damage and those 2 plat plates are the only possible difference to those other players?

El Metre says that the score calculation is not known and that it spikes again if you have 5 or 6 plat plates.
But from what I have seen the score calculation when taking minimal damage which is already in the 0.05-0.2% range is only 1 point in score with each 0.01% step less damage and those 0.01% steps need like 1 more plat plat for each step when going from 4 to 6 plat plates.

So that is why it is unbelieveable for those 50-100 points in score more to appear just due to having 6 plat plates instead of 4 plat plates.
That is why it would be good if a player with 6 plat plates records the last few moments of the raid (from the time the boss explodes on the map screen till the score appears).
With that recording the score with minimal damage and highest possible max HP would be shown and it could be seen if it is actually those 50-100 points higher or just 1-2 points like everyone (me included) thinks.


Well … I already said that before. It’s a shame no one has shown a RAID replay. We have videos of everything, less than 1 RAID battle.


I have shown a raid battle from start to finish once.
Let me look for it.

Here it is: