Another bug in BG


we attacked a garrison and took 3 crystals from it I got 2 and other player got 1 and it is saying space took 2 crystal from me [I am space].It is saying the other player took 1 crystal from me but we were in same alliance.


This bug is also on BD. Its worth pointing out you get the correct amount of crystals each and that its just an events bug.

I believe this bug occurs because of the order of things that happen when you take an outposts. You take control of the outpost and then the sharing of crystals occurs. As you own the outpost when the sharing of crystals happens it informs you that you have lost crystals to yourself and whatever allies have attacked with you.


This should be fixed


All bugs should be fixed yes, however this doesn’t even affect the game in anyway and therefore is not as important as other work that could be done on BD/BG

(My own opinion)


Seconded with Elcent here. Although it may be a bug and poorly worded, its actually quite useful to see the crystal split when you take a high level asset, e.g. a relic with 100 xtals. The person who got the relic can see exactly who got what.