Annihilation or Nightfall, Which are better?


My week-old account already has 4 nightfalls. I think thats one of the most common epic drops from boxes.

Only 1 annihilation tho


aAaaaaAAaH! So it’s true… i’m the only one withouth nightfalls :cry:

idk why i’m saying it multiple times lol


i was the only 1 without face shoker & got it
be patient
kill ramboy
game is random
kill ramboy
usually game hate us more than life does
kill ramboy!
maybe u got it on fortune box


Still didn’t got it…


My mech


I legit has the same Mech like yours,Tho the legs arent Myth,Torso is lvl 34
And only one of the Bang Bang guns are only at legend I wont say that name,Its harder than spelling supercallifragilisticexpialadosious


use both they are realy good together
also i dont care that im late