Annihilation or Nightfall, Which are better?



I have two annihilation and one nigntfall


Annihilation since it doesn’t need energy, and has a ridiculous shield drain.

Can wreck energy and heat mechs alike when maxed to myth.


I Prefer Nightfall because it does more damage and It has way better range I’d trade my Annihilation for a nightfall. I NEED A NIGHTFALL


They’re both good, they just serve slightly different purposes.

Nightfall obviously does more damage and has a better range profile.

Annihilation is strong because it has no usage cost. It allows you to kill energy mechs with grappling hook and charge if they drain you to 0, and it’s great for trading shots with heat mechs since, over 3 uses, it’ll save you 93 heat vs Nightfall.

Personally I use both.


Two totally different weapons.
Annihilation: great, because of 0 heat, 0 energy, 15 shred, but that minimum dmg… 203. And range. Enough to say, that if you are drained after receiving the shot from Last Words which pushes you out of range (i.e. 3, so stomp plus Last Words is OUT OF RANGE), you have nothing more to do than FROGGY JUMP JUMP…

Nightfall: sweet overall! Sweet range, sweet dmg, OKish armor shed, but… IF YOU ARE DRAINED, it is useless. I personally pack 2 Annihilations, 1 Nightfall, 1 Eagle…


if you’re using a no energy physical you should use annihilation. but overall i prefer you to use both of them in a mech


like this @Mordulec


yep, just like that, but you need a bit more cooling.
By the way i see you got alot of epics why not sign up fot The GOAT?


what is the GOAT? I don’t know.


it is a little thing the comunity put toghether.
A tournament of skill and creativity.


My epic mech


I know that design very well.Bring it to the tournament and test its steel.


I would give you a night fall lvl 23 for that annihilation
Cause i really need energy less weapons
But trading systems arent here soooo Good luck on grinding


Meh I don’t need it that bad


well i would need that ._.




I just got another one


What? Well… i’m now the only one without the nightfall ._.


i have it too eheehee dunno why system is giving me more x my phys mech those days