Anish Mal's Antics

Anish Mal spent his evening desperately trying to convince several members of FT in f2 to backstab their own alliance, and I thought the rollercoaster was pretty hilarious and deserves to be shared.

For some clarifying info, this team was completely random with no pre-planning whatsoever, so most of the members didn’t know each other at all.

It started off with Anish telling me how he was angered that Yin had insulted him, and would ever call him stupid/an idiot, (I forget the exact insult, I was sent a screenshot but it was deleted) and that for revenge he was getting 4 members to stab, and that he was having several people place to kill us. (Ketan, iceman, and dropped a bunch of other high profile names, even saying "once they see Iceman place they will probably disband the alliance.)

The aspect of people placing this late was kinda ridiculous, as it was a dead era and we controlled the entire map:


However the aspect of 4 people backstabbing was pretty serious, and Anish asked me if I wanted to join, saying he would let me join TRAP as well on M2. I was really hesitant, but the story was believable. I’ve just come back to the game so I don’t know anyones relationships with each other, and it was a random team so Anish easily could have several contacts in the alliance.

I said I wouldn’t even consider it until I knew the names of the 4 other people in the alliance he was talking about, so he gave me the names of: Walrus, Joshua, Touch Me, and kpiz. He told me to keep the names to myself, and I did(until now). I didn’t know anyone except Touch Me, and I had only met him the era before.

It was believable, but I still had some doubts, Joshua seemed to be good friends with Yin, so i didn’t really believe he would backstab. I asked him:


When confronted by this, Anish just said Joshua was playing it safe and was denying it just to keep it under wraps. This made me even more hesitant, so I asked for some confirmation:


Notice how it takes 40 minutes for Anish to send me his messages to Josh. Anish never sent part 2, and I decided to send Josh’s own messages to Josh, because then he would finally come clean and I would know wether he was truly backstabbing or not. At this point I had told Anish that I too was going to backstab, hoping to see how deep the rabbit hole was. Joshua’s reply:

At this point, I was pretty sure Anish was trying to pull a version of the prisoner’s dilemma on us. He was telling a bunch of members that there were already 4/5 people stabbing, and providing edited messages when asked for proof. He was then going to have us agree to join the group of players stabbing, when there was no prior group to begin with. The prisoners dilemma is only effective when the group has no communication between them, so I guess Anish was hoping we just wouldn’t ask the other people in the group.

Josh then messaged Walrus, and found out that Anish had tried the exact same thing with Walrus as he had with me. I then told Anish i wasn’t going through with it. Something that was also funny was that Anish had insisted the Touch Me was actually Diplo, and gave me Diplo’s skype to ask him myself. This was Anish’s biggest mistake, because for whatever reason he didn’t think we had a skype group already with Touch Me, and I was currently playing E3 with Touch Me, Against Diplo:

You can see Anish getting frustrated, and told me Ketan was the one who told him about the entire thing, giving me this screenshot:

When confronted with everything, Anish vehemently denied it, and complained saying “You dont even trust me” “you spoilt my name”. I’m not trying to shame him necessarily, because I think it is pretty ballsy to attempt this and even managed to convince Walrus, and also myself a little bit.

Some of the best messages I wasn’t able to get, but I hope this painted a large enough picture for an enjoyable story.

Say hi Anish!


Lmao this is funny :joy: no wonder why he suck and say lies to many other people. i feel pity for this kid.

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Anish and Ketan?
both are horrible

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Love the drama here. See, I would have LOVED it if you all got together and then decided to tell Anish you all agree. Then when you “convince” all 10 of you to “backstab”, you message Anish and tell him the plan has been completed.

Backstab accomplished! We all agreed to backstab and we’re rank 1 again!


Anish Mal is a pro strategist. can’t wait for him to become an admin


at one point he was trying to have us vote for a new leader, and then he was going to have us kick yin and presumably add ketan and whoever else

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what the heck is happening in BD man

Speaking of BD someone be my mentor , i wanna start playing bd


This is amazing. Thank you Excel for the laughter. #AnishForAdmin


Yet, I heard Anish fought better than many ppl in E1. Anish > Fantasy.


props to him tho, almost made a dead era? into exciting an one…

“get rich or die tryin”

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Well Nice effort Excel

This is just fake and Ik how you edited my messages and spreading false info

I wouldnt do this at all because -

  1. Im banned on Fantasy 2 for over a week now, even if I plan a stab or anything, it would literally make no sense, and how did you even believe me saying that you guys will outvote leader and I can join, dude Im banned LOL!

  2. A permanent ban has been issued on my username as well. And theres literally nothing I can gain by doing all this, Im out of BD for good. Since Im banned, I cannot join any alliances and you knew I was banned, you talked to me about it!

  3. If I really deleted the screenshots, check the time of my messages on screenshots you posted above, I had enough time to delete every message if I wanted to. Why on earth would I even leave those messages not deleted If I wanted to delete our chat, or simpler, I could have just blocked you on skype!

Well this is funny and yeah almost all who are reading this thread are believing this, ah i feel pity for them but really makes sense now that why people here beg to me or ANTRAX for reds, cause their IQ is too low to even get a job! LOL


Your iq is high enough to earn a perm ban. Gg


Well atleast high enough to get a decent job at 14 and boost 3K to 4K reds every era when I play…


Ability to spend less than $50. Nice man. Pat yourself on the back


i pity people with low IQs. they can never understand how great Anish is. Excel is spreading heresy and trying to ruin Anish’s pure name. bloody rubbish this thread is.



Considering 12 months a year

Hmm, about 12 eras or so.

12 x 3000 = 36000 reds

So yeah, thats 540 bucks (USD sorry) right there bud

Gg man. $540 on a game and still so bad you have to cheat and get perm banned. Respect


Well I reported the second to admin after I cheated so I dont feel guilty about it bro…well yeah this game has done nothing good to me so I guess maybe it’s good for me to be out of the game when im permanent banned

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Right. Cheat and then report yourself. Thank you for your parents money. Hope to never see you again

Anish Mal is the most honorable person i know. not many people that cheated would report themselves. respect, bro.