Anime world pls nd thank u


Ok but like, what we really need is an anime-themed world. Lolis unit chass is 1 soldier. Traps and neko and other top-quality heavier than lolis units would be 2 soldiers. And tentacle monsters and other bigger stuff can be worth 3 soldiers. We need dis. Also, add loli moaning sound effects. And anime themed minigame. Thank you, Alex. I know you will definitely consider this.

  • i nEED dIS

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@Alexander pls


Lewd the lolis and incest is always first


Bukkake storm instead of ion or lightening spell


will there be tentacles


Well, i did say tentacle monster, didn’t i?


This more of a Hentai world than Anime world


You’re almost making that sound like a bad thing


I like the Idea
20 character rule sucks


Its ironic and sad at the same time to see @AverageNoJoe the guy that got me into watching hentai and gave me recommendations, voting no on this


He is a Disbeliever
20 character rule sucks


whats hentai
i hate this rule


I may get Banned for telling u, So Google it


is it a virus? i cant trust you dudee tell me


Its anime p0rnography.

Good stuff


ewww be back in a bit i got to go do some research :eggplant:


Pokemon taught me that there’s a time and place for everything!


It will destroy BD somehow a good idea but I think it will be a hentai map game xD