ANIME photoshops thread 2

you can make a request for me to Photoshop something any anime. I will need a photo of what you want me to .The requests must be on topic and appropriate on if this topic does well.

Rules are 1. stay on topic 2. no rickrolls 3. No posting anything that is against the guidelines
hey if you make a request give the thread a like

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can you be a little more specific

ummmm unfortunately i have forgotten how to do this but please give me some time im only in high school i will make a list

Didn’t you make another one of these and flag everything so it got closed?


no i had it closed due to the fact there were a bunch of things going on btw im the only one who is to do their requests

If you don’t know how to do their request then I don’t get why it matters who does it, especially if you can’t.

All Kiira wants is a pic of Liran Egozi altered… too bad he is in that supply closet.


all i said was i forgot not that i dont know how

What’s the difference, honestly?

@Kiira image (8)

Jojo reference? :frowning: .

OMG thanks it looks so much like piccolo

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now boroto one will take me longer if thats ok with you

nonono just want the piccolo one

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hey everyone requests are now officially back open

You can’t mention everyone. It doesn’t work like discord.

thank you shoultz i know i do it for the fun of it

ok guys start making some requests

No thank you…

I think @Zylok might have one though

Zylok doesn’t have one at the moment.

Perhaps @Fyrestare does?

ugh this is so dam slow and i just started using a better software to