Angry angry, rage 😡


Something’s on your mind? Things didn’t go as planned? Feel cheated? Everything seems unfair? Something you want to get off your chest about a specific player/admin/alliance/server? Want to bring some injustices to light?

Feel free to post and vent all your frustrations on this thread!

Let forums feel your pain!! :rage:


I’m getting a feeling that this thread wont last long.

If players publicly start bitching & complaining about others , this thread soon will be filled with the ugliest flame wars ever.

Also if we publicly start criticizing admins again this will be locked & deleted, it can also result in players getting banned.
For eg
for both me & senatus things don’t go well with joe & both of us avoid players his servers.
If we say more than this, it can create problems.

Also one feature which I prefer of the old forum was the rules were written just above the thread which said not to be a jerk & be respectful & PM each other for personal problems rather than showing on forum etc.
Alex do take a note please.


Ah, I see. E3 ended and you need another way to make sure people keep hearing you spout shit.



Really unnecesary.
Better go out and drink a beer :smiley:


Hey hey, from what I hear Joe’s been doing better lately :slight_smile: And to be fair, I have trouble with almost every admin (except Alexander) :joy:


A lot of people hate Tom now. His server population may decrease in a few weeks/months. :frowning:


Info Updated!

But plz don’t defend Joe now by saying you have problems with everyone except Alex. You are forcing me to waste my 2-3 hrs in finding your post on old forum and quoting it here.


I’ll join that bandwagon…

Oh I’ve definitely had lots of problems with Joe. Just saying that from what I’m hearing nowadays he’s doing better than he used to. I haven’t been playing his rounds so I can’t speak from personal experience, my personal experience has been less than perfect as you are well aware from my old posts :slight_smile:

Simen’s always been my favorite admin (except for a short spell when he was admin on Kong and I tried to get him fired… Sorry Sim :angel:), but sadly he no longer has any worlds. And Korupt of course, but he only does Galaxy. Ilona was great too, can’t forget her.


I wouldn’t count it as only Tom fault.
In my opinion,the whole admin team should discuss a method to make sure things that didn’t go as planned this era (lets be honest ,relics in ocean and extend of era for nothing?100 ticks,but still) shouldn’t happen again.
Things can be done for future eras,its just a matter if its willed or not.
Also,didn’t play Joe eras since back in 2013 :smiley: Wounder how its going in his eras.


I too haven’t played any of his world in recent time, so I too don’t have first hand experience.

Probably the only thing I liked about him was his quote ‘If you are going to die, die with a smile’


Hah yes, that part I definitely appreciate. And he’s taken a lot of steps to try and stop the sub empire strategy on E5. Doing that really raised my opinion of him.


Nope, Joe deleted my xtals claiming I gave xtals on E5 to a 4E guy, cos the rules were that you couldn’t give xtals to allies to boost scores, but that guy was marked neutral for me literally all era… and no matter how much I tried discussing it with Joe, he either ignored or said “I have enough evidence” which he didn’t show me when I asked, even though I doubt there was evidence since the guy was neutral to me lmfao


Well I appreciate joe’s efforts for curbing sub empires & increasing competition. I never had problem with him in that department.

Problems arise in the way he handles bans & overall administration just like swagger mentioned.


zelet looks totaly uber cute in his swimsuit yet everytime I reach out to touch his abs he tells me to stop I’m so frustrated :rage::rage::rage:


you know what really grinds my gears? Makes me really squeal ?

No oil.


No rage on anyone :sob:

I have to myself :smiley:


Anyone want to refer Antrax to this thread? :joy:

And in reference to the posts above bout admins. I will say this in their defense. It’s a tough job. You all want the admin’s to play such a huge role and get involved with you guys personally, but then when they make a decision that’s not in your best interest, you lash out. Not saying they’re perfect, but YOU ask them to get as involved as they are in most cases (players in general).

Honestly, Joe and Tom are pretty much perfect examples. Tom gets VERY involved and gets flak for it. Most think he is biased in his decision making. Joe stays out of the politics almost completely, and he get’s all sorts of crap for “not being around”. So do keep this all in mind folks! :wink: Always try to put yourself in the admin’s shoe’s (remember this is their JOB. They have to try thinking from both perspectives).


Of course there are things that when put into perspective everyone can see maybe why they did that which is most of the time. But sometimes there are pure bullshit decisions on their part cough Joe cough, in the end though there is nothing we can really do but accept that they’re part of the game too.


I got some rage…

Went out to a party last night, died in solo. :rage::rage::rage:


Frankly, every decision I’ve made for or against a player has been considered bs by the other team involved. Even when punishing blatantly obvious cheaters – they claim innocence and bribery.

Admins arent perfect, there will always be mistakes sometimes, but the issue with making decisions that concern game mechanics, is that the duped team will always end up feeling it’s due the admin and not them (as these decisions simply aren’t black white).

There’s going to be a change to get admins back out of all that… There’s a new ruleset sitting in a private forum at the moment that will be out soon enough (for a public vote).

That all said and done – I don’t mind continuing this discussion privately, but please no discussing admins (especially not individuals) publicly. Makes it way too easy to just point and say: “See? I didnt place those 4 colos that built units for me to kill for days, admins always mess up!!!” even if a mistake is made once in a blue moon. :slight_smile: