Anger message../../..../


tell me what crud came up with a frantik, I’ll shove him in his ass!


What will the first advise to make 6000 hp to counter this shit?

I know that this is unreal!


luck runs out


Just gonna slap this to youtube vids


what for? I wanted to discuss! I wanted to find out why the top players do not have fights with such opponents, not a single fight against frantik! why?


I watched the Gorgon battles for 3-4 days and he didn’t have a single fight against a fighter with a franc! I also watched some other players, no battles against frantik either! so why is my every fight against this shit that hits 700+?


I meant that i moved the topic to Youtube Vids. Calm yourself.


[ breaths in ]

Sorry Not Sorry


at least i know im not the only one who gets hit with frantically huge numbers


How frantic behave when he has go to pee :sweat_smile::joy:


frantic is like peeing

when you dont feel like pissing, only small comes out

then you pee with a raging bone


This is the greatest example of all time