Android Forum App


What do u guys think about an Android app that let’s you access the BD forum[poll public=true]

  • No
  • Yes

**This post was created by Auto but, he passed his post limit so he asked me to post it instead :slight_smile: **


this can be used to access the forums.

Have you also tried just opening it in the browser?

Not to blow our horn but…

The forum looks flippin’ amazing on a phone.


It looks amazing!! Regular browsers are fine for the forum

i dont think we need an app for it atm


I gues yes
Cause why not xD :laughing:


Seriously. Pull this shiz up on your phone. It’s amazing. I’ve never liked doing forum things on phone. This is the exception


I appreciate the thought, but I don’t see the need for an app when normal browsing on the phone already looks good.


That truly amazing
Stick with too


I agree. I think it would just take time and money away that could be spent bettering other aspects of BD, For example a new game UI (Hint, Hint @Alexander)