[Android Beta]Join the goodness for next gen!

Well something needs to change! Top clans! Everything will reset! So i will invite first 4 pros!
When the version goes live! I will add 19 more pros!

Primary: names will have [Good Sir]!
be always active!
always ready for grind!
search for new killer strats!
examine your rivals!
Rank 1 - 4 can be accepted!
be eager to Pvp!
be gentle to your opponents!
just learn from your mistakes!
I will invite: Fang456, TinCan, Nexus and someone(who knows) first!
Mission: This clan representation of new dawn SM pros! Since old clans will reset! Over 1000 wins and %90 win rate for each clan members!

Clan name: Legion of Good Sirs
Currently 5 members accepted in this beta!

But this thread dedicated to next 19 members!
My win rate is %97 now! I m at 1st place!

My stats: 1774hp
22phy 22elec 16heat resistance
177 energy
64 regen
274 heat
138 cooling

You can see that i m heat mech!

You need to join the beta! Send your id! And be online!

how do i join the beta? @GoodSir

Go to google! And search supermechs android beta! You can do the rest!

can i play on my pc?

Only android! Sarah qued up some players for early access in android!

will i ever be able to play the new version on the pc?

Once it’s released, sure.

oh ok, im too lazy to charge my phone so i’ll wait

Ok flux send your id! I ll note it down!

I’d rather wait for the new version to be released in the full game.

flux adopt me, im drago

i need a clan for the new release

I ll be waiting! No worries!

will you adopt me?

i just need a home :’(

Sure, but you’ll have to stay in the cage 24/7. Is this ok?

how hospitable is the cage?

plus i don’t even know how to breathe fire yet!

Not very hospitable.


I will take pleasure in your suffering.

ayt sign me up

the upsides outweigh the downsides

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It needs to be downloaded?

After you sign to beta! Wait! Then a beta update comes to your phone!