And the best way to get tokens?


What is the best place or WAY or LEVEL to get tons , i mean not tons , But some good amount of tokens , ??


there was a topic on free tokens somebody tell him. I dint remember it sorry


Raid, daily achievements, unfinished campaign (if you have any).
These are the only ways to get tokens for free.




My kidneys so I can get Vbucks


Umm… that’s not entirely true…


Okay, master.
Teach me your ways.


No need for unwitty sarcasm friend. I posted a link to an entire thread I did on the subject. Take care.


I’m sorry, did you find that offensive in any way?
It was not meant to be an offensive sarcasm.


Just usually goes that way when someone who doesn’t know the other person that well calls the other one “master”. But, if you claim no offense, then no offense taken. :slight_smile:




AdashofSiren, belated comments here in regards to WMist. When I first read WMist comments to you, I auto knew he was joking around with you. However, you’re being fairly new to the forum, and being more active lately outside your thread, you didn’t catch WMist’s joke. No doubt, with time, you’ll get a better feel for the personalities on the forum.


I feel like this comment didn’t need to be made after my “if you claim no offense, then no offense taken” post. But, to each their own.


I pointed it out because I noticed it’s a trend with you. And you need to consider that people are not trying to troll you. Just be mindful, I mean if people can convey body language, then you wouldn’t take offense so readily.

By the way, I meant no disrespect or offense.


I think I’m done with this conversation. Take care. lol


Interesting way of dashing out of a conversation, but that’s fine. You take care as well. :slightly_smiling_face:


On the bright side, tokens are cheaper.
There’s another game where you can get 540 of the premium currency for $100.