And if they set this

Now that Gato Games will be the new owner of SM, what if a damage buff is done to the drone Cosmos (rare-epic) and Greddy (legendary-divine) that is physical damage, they remove the cost of energy from those drones and they add +2 in weight, or do something on those drones that benefits them.
Will this be done or not?


Maybe it’s too early and annoying to ask these kinds of questions


no need to buff cosmos lol, but yeah, that trio of drones needs buffs


But it’s an idea (I mean, right?) :roll_eyes:

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Yes, agreed, it’s a kind of good idea, so that the drones serve more of a purpose.

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Yea it should
they suck like hell rn

The Cosmos/Greedy drones are actually underrated due to their low damage to where that people tend to forget their actual purpose – Armor-Break drones that are light and cheap to use. They were never really meant for damage since they play more of a “damage buff for weapons” support role since their higher-grade resist break for a cheap price would cause the target to take more and more damage with each turn.

However, there is one thing that can be changed to improve the Greedy series, which is remove Swoop’s (heat counterpart of Greedy) energy cost as there’s no mythical-capable heat drone that costs energy to use but Swoop, causing it to be worse to use just for that reason.

Outside out that, those drones are pretty good at what they do and shouldn’t be changed just because they don’t do as much damage as the other drones and their emphasis on damage or something else.