Analyzing Claw Portal by the numbers

@Sarah247, @Mohadib

I ran the portal 300 times. I got 5 legendaries, which seemed low to me. None of them were the claw. Out of frustration, I stopped counting but continued to grind. Epic, rare and gold was better than grinding anywhere else, so I continued. Later I started counting again and got in another 100 before the portal closed. By my estimation, I had to have completed the portal, on hard mode alone, more than 500x. I got a total of 7 legendaries. None of them were the claw.

@Misfit, @bestplayerintheworld, @Wepwawet and several others have commented about a large number of runs, also without getting the claw. This is curious to me.

From the perspective of food and gold, it was a good portal. It was as good or better than the item portal we had right after the 2v2 update. From the perspective of being a portal for the new item, it doesn’t seem good.

In the past, item portals consistently dropped the item that was advertised. With the amount of grinding I did this time, I would have ended up with 10+ of the Vandal Rage or the Grave Digger. So based on past experience and on the words Tactisoft used when announcing this portal, they set my expectations very high.

I don’t understand, and I’m more than a little disappointed. Tactisoft, you make it very hard for me to trust you or support you. What are you doing?


+220 runs (+170 Insane / +50 Hard) … not 1 single Legendary (means also no The Claw “legs”) :exclamation:



There is one difference between the other items and The Claw:

The previous items from item portals have at least an epic level.
Grave Digger even exists as a rare item.
So they are all non-premium items that can even now drop from silver boxes and mixed boxes.

The Claw however is L-M only and therefore a premium item.
It can only drop from the item portal or now from fortune boxes, premium boxes or premium packs and probably from level-up rewards.
I think that is the reason for its low drop rate even in the item portal itself.


Over time you will understand that something strange is happening with your account. And you will have to adapt to it or leave the game. Nobody cares, because take the decision you take, they will have forgotten you in less than a week.

But don´t let anyone want to lower your self-esteem by telling that you have bad luck! You haven´t bad luck, you are a person like everyone.

Pterodactyls dance inside the pot.


There is a system, letting accounts get higher or lower chances for best items :exclamation:

switch off … all have normal chances for best items

switch on … certain accounts are blocked = 0 chance to get best items

There is no other explanation, that …

  • Fluxeon got 20 (:exclamation:) Legendaries

  • others played Portal same much, 0 (:exclamation:) Legandaries

… that is NOT a thing about luck :exclamation:


It is data from over 40 hours :exclamation:


hundred times portal with difficulty fighting, I win only 1 legendary not leg and not funny that

you take a con I spend hours to have pff


I played the portal on insane mode the first day.
-> Got almost no box at all. 1-2 epic items and only rares.

Then I played the portal on hard mode on the second day.
-> After 5-6 runs I started getting boxes from most runs.
-> When I opened the boxes after gathering 30 or so I got 3 or 4 legendary items from those boxes.

In the last few hours I played again on hard mode and got another 15 boxes together.
This time no legendary items but at least I still got those boxes often.

So it might not have been a system that prevents certain accounts from getting those items.
To me it seems that insane mode had instead a far lower drop chance for boxes than hard mode.
And so players who focused on insane mode would actually be disadvantaged.

I think I read a post from you saying that you played the game 220 times - 170 on insane and 50 on hard.
Do you remember where you got boxes as drops?

Maybe if you had played only on hard mode you might have gotten more boxes and therefore then a higher chance for legendary items, too.
Even more so since hard mode costs less fuel than insane mode.

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And …
I know now it is not the time to say…
"I told you soo…"
About certain accounts having filters…
Remember remember… learn from others…that were slightly stupider then you, and wasted alot… just to get nothing.
Ps: this single item… is a game changer… remember the ultracooling engine.You had it… you ruled the ladder. Now there are 2 items myth plates, and Claw… those that have both… rule the ladder.
On the topic:
My achivements during this portal.
0 runs normal.
0 runs hard.
0 runs insane.
0 legendaries
0 epics.
0 flying fs given.
1 excelent bike ride.
1 excelent club gathering.
8 cold ones with the boys.
4 phone numbers of “9” girls.
2 excelent cooked meals.
2 bottles of fine wine: Barolo and Amarone.
48h of happyness in the real world.
1 really bad cover of Stephen Wolf “Born to be Wild”, during Karaoke, but i still got aplauzes… it was really bad… horror.


I’m not sure I see your point. The portal was for this item. It was stated that the portal provided a higher drop rate, leaving a reasonable person to think that with enough work, they would get the item.

Myself and many others spent an unreasonable amount of time grinding. People had differing rates of success at getting legendary items. Many of us shared the same rate of zero success at getting the claw. It wasn’t like we grinded 2 or 3 tanks of fuel and ran off crying.

My point, seemingly shared by many others, is that if you (Tactisoft) are going to say that things will be a certain way, then they should be that way. If they are not, there is a problem. Perhaps they lie. Perhaps they manipulate things in their favor. Perhaps the game has bugs that either they don’t know how to fix or they don’t care about or that they put there on purpose.

When I first joined the forum and read posts from @Wepwawet, @El_Metre, @bestplayerintheworld and countless others, seeing them talk about weird problems with the game, I thought they were just unlucky and angry. Always after they pointed something out, another player would come along and give excuse as to why things were okay and there was no problem, no strange thing occurring. The topic would then fade away.

I’ve tried to be calm, but I continue to see and experience weird things. The absolute silence from Tactisoft inspires NO trust. Now in this instance, Tactisoft was not silent. They made a portal for a specific item and celebrated that there would be higher drop rates. Bullshit. Plain and simple.

For those of you who have been pointing out these issues all along, I apologize for not believing you. For those of you who wish to continue running to the defense of Tactisoft, shame on you.


390 runs, 3 legs, but no one claw


Maybe a typo … “For the next 48 hours play the Portal and you canNOT get them in Hard or Insane at a higher drop rate.” :question:


They say is it fake?!?

Hard mode was much better than insane, people who played hard got much better drops, including me.

Not correct, you maybe thought so, because Hard = less fuel + a lot faster to play :exclamation:

But I got a lot more boxes out of Insane :exclamation:
And after around 70 runs, boxes were rare at both levels :exclamation:


Flaming scope starts at legendary too and I’ve got at least 10 of them without even pushing this hard.

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I wouldnt know…I cant beat it on insane lol

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:+1:t3: @purplehooter

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @jonny

Any explanations about this facts …
(and please do not say pure luck, cos 40 hours data, isn’t about luck)

  • @Fluxeon got 20 (:exclamation:) Legendaries

  • a lot others played Portal same much, 0 (:exclamation:) Legendaries

… that is NOT a thing about luck :exclamation:


It is data from over 40 hours :exclamation:


Low rated maybe mohadib eliminate % of obtain more numbers…

maybe you need open premium pack


Buy premium package

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18 legendarios me dieron en portal, unos 700 tokens en recargas XD!

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