Analyze of smurfs!




Not quite… lots of module changes needed lol


At this point, I think very well thought out smurf builds could be great. The game is otherwise just too boring.

I’m still trying to figure out a smurf build to revolutionize top ranks. Problem is though, that damage outputs are way too high to make interesting weapons relevant.

I hate this game.


I think the main problem of arena in this game is the fact that physicals exist. Brute damage in a turn game never works out or is okay. They need to rework physicals entirely.


Its about arena buff mate. Not physicals…


I feel you good bro. Very right you are.
Bestest times i had in arena were with this baby:


Intresting mods.


Arena buff made it worse, but since the beginning physicals have been the strategy killer. Everyone can agree that they are the most boring and least strategy dependent on type. I dont know what they could do but they need to change them


Look at weapons like:

Armor Destroyer

There have interesting aspects to them that just cannot be used due to the massive damages. Even Rolling Beasts, no amount of movement can compensate even one missed shot. So Claw has become a meta item.

All damage outputs need to be reduced significantly in order to grant relevance to these such items.


Getting fully drained in a single turn isn’t okay,either.