Analyze of smurfs!


How are you guys rank 5?
I only see fully maxed mythed builds in this rank.


I am Rank 5 Because of Ranks 3-2 Smurfs, and literally just anything else that opposes my builds.

… Also, in what context is this question?


I meant that your rank is lower than it should be.
With your electric mechs,you’re easily a rank 3.


I have been Rank 3 twice.


I found some smurfs as well.
There’s probably many of them.


i confront max myth smurfs in ranks 11-9
probably some in 8
guess who wont be getting higher ranks this season!



I hate that when that happens, meeting surfs. Damn surfs!


if i could only get the items i want
i’d be ablt to make 2 heat mechs
only have 1 tho


So, you can only make one type of each?


got one heat
one energy
and one phy
the phy is a work in progress


That’s really unfortunate you can’t get common items for your heat mech… :frowning:


and i really need heat bomb


I’m thinking if you got one H-bomb, then you can get another one later. With luck, I hope you get one soon. :rainbow:


i hope i find one soon too
will help a lot in raid


Yes, that’s so true.


When someone in forums realize that they are a smurf.
(I used to be a de-ranker in a game called clash of clans :slight_smile: I did de-rank in this game ONCE, just for the heck of it.)


well, i would like to derank at least ONCE…
but i have to rank UP first in order to do that…:rofl:


yes that bis true, but i also noticed some fully mythed mechs has not the “right” items to be able to rank up, therefore i would not call them smurfs

i mean with nightmare and corrupt light f.e. you cant really get past rank 8…


no, i mean i confront REAL smurfs
they have different elements weapons in the mech, they’re fully maxed and they seem to be able to do better than their current rank but they dont seem to want to


i that the lordgorgon mech i see?