Analyze of smurfs!


Yes I read the whole thing but from what I understand a “smurf” is a build equipping several diff elemantal items with no real rhythm behind ther decisions …am I close?


I’d say a smurf is just a player which might have good items (max myths, L-M etc.) but isn’t able to achieve high rank due to his/her lack of building skills. This player has kind of strong mechs but he/she fails in fighting experienced players because of no real strategy involved other than using just what hits “the hardest” and what is in range.

And going back to point of your topic from above, the “trollness” of given build depends on the user. If such build is used as counter to a specific kind of mech or whole mech type, but in pair with other mechs which counter other types, then it’s not troll build. It’s just strategic counter build.
In other case, especially when for ex. player has 2 energy mechs and both of them have base heat stats, then this is what is called troll build.


Roger that on the smurf aspect and thank you for the detailed response…but regarding trolness…why would 2 energy builds with base heat stats be troll? Could it not also be a counter for phys and energy alike? Sorry, I’m not trying to be a wise a## or anything,


That’s the part missing on my mech still hope to get it some day


What I mean is that they also kinda fall into category of specialised builds, but in this setup such player bets in advice that he won’t fight any heat mechs (cuz he would instantly lose). The point is, he can’t choose his enemy. He causes heat mechs to gain a win but also (most) energy (and probably phys) mechs to lose. So basically he trolls the last two, because he either won’t advance to higher rank as he will lose vs every heater.


I have found an “OverBuilders” type of smurfs :ok_hand:

but I won in the end :upside_down_face:

also the backbreaker is hiding a CL


Ohhhh…that’s funny, but here’s my question, if a person builds like that knowing they will without a doubt lose to heat and continue to lose to heat, wouldn’t that literally be the definition of insanity?


“The definition of insanity, is, doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting things to change. That. Is. Crazy.”


If they know they will always lose to heaters, they raither don’t expect this to change, right?


Oh,look what we have here!


Who won???



He won with 17 hit points.


Lol. Shit happens i guess.
Quite the smart build this guy runs…


The picture says all.


Aint the real deal. Same name thats all…


Looks like my Rank 15 build :joy::joy::joy:


Being a smurf can be a good idea with all these specialized mechs.


Yeah,but that also means you won’t get past rank 5.


Urbu is rank 1 and he often uses a phisical mech with an nrg drone and an ash creator. I think thats called a smurf as well.


No one is copying my claw!
Be gone you fake


This boy is actually very annoying, both mechs has large amounts of Regen, but VERY low HP.

Avenge us both @lordgorgon and @TechnoDive :joy: