Analyze of smurfs!


There are just two types of smurfs (for now):

The De-Rankers:

These particular type is made up of people with mostly straight mechs,that are heavily upgraded,thus exceeding their current rank’s overall power level.
These guys can advance past their rank,however they refuse to do so (for various reasons),thus lurking in the lower ranks as low-level hunters and making use of the ‘‘noob exploitation’’ concept.
These are the most dishonorable ones and deserve to have their mechs deleted.

Some will even adress nasty words when you beat them.

The OverBuilders:

This weird,exotic species involves combining as many types of weapons (elements) on a single mech as possible.
I’m talking about heat legs,two electric side weapons,one heat side weapon and a physical top,why not a heat drone as well.
These specimens also have no chance to advance past their current rank (I’m talking about the rank 3-5 hell),due to poor (yet sustaining) building abilities).
This species has plenty of other races:

The Physical Enthusiast:

This kind will pack a NightFall,an Annihilation or both on any straight mech basis,even if they have absolutely nothing to do with their messed up ‘‘strategy’’.
It’s very annoying to see electric and heat builds with one or even two of these…

The OP Gambler:

This one is the smurf that will pack his strongest weapons (usually L-M items) on his build,no matter the range,the strategy or type.
These are the worst,since most don’t even activate a drone or have any strategy at all.They just click whatever weapon comes first at hand and is in range.
Even though they have apparently no strategy (or brain) at all,they still win,why?
Because their extravagant weapons greatly outpower yours.
I’m talking about Mercy-Magma Blast-Bunker Shell-Valiant-DustMaker builds.

The Precautionary:

Basically,this is the type of build that will add a repulser on his build,even if he only has range 1-2 weapons.
To push you away at the last turn before the kill,thus negate that hit and score another one for himself.
This strategy is useless,since he’ll lose anyways,but he still does it and it’s extremelly annoying.

There are also people that teleport before the last hit,but that is an actual strategy.That’s not smurfing,first of all because the teleport is a utility item that can be put on any build in case of trouble (unlike the 1-2 range builds that pack a repulser!).

There is another kind that kind of resembles the smurfs,but we can’t exactly call them that.
I am talking about…

The ''Troll" builds:

This is pretty much the electric mech that packs no energy modules at all,and instead only adds hp plates and heat modules to his mech.
This is also an actual strategy,so we can’t quite call them smurfs (even though they share the smurfing concept.

These people aren’t guilty,just creative (and annoying).
This is also a very risky tactic,but it could work when used with brain.


A tread has already been made over this topic,however I felt like it had to be a different classification for the smurfs (more complete).
I made another thread since I wanted it to be better seen.


2 topics about analyzing smurfs for today.

What is this?
Oh well


Most annoying. I fight a 11 rank guy with 2 mythical nightfalls. What the hell, man?!


Boy oh boy you don’t know how MUCH I have seen these guys! But I still defeat them sometimes xp

Actually a 40/60 chance or 35/65

My tactic against them is fairly easy, if they have heat mechs or phys, put that anti-heat an d phys mech first since it’s obvious they’ll put phys or heat mech first by the looks of my main energy.

Ahh, I have met a lot of these boys, but also as the battle continues, I give them tips on how to build an actual decent mech with the parts they have.

These peeps annoy me the most, like I’m fighting an energy mech, suprise I drained them, then SURPRISE SURPRISE they have Annihilation!

For heat mechs with phys weps, f*ck em’ they never even try to overheat me but to drain my HP :cry:

Boy, these mechs are barely even annoying to me, they’ll be drained even before they could their Bunkershell, VS or whatever make dmg, but if they are heat mechs with like 2 Magmas or something, anti-heat mech first!

Facepalm’ Ok, these builds never annoy me. But the heat build “2 Desolation, 2-3 Repulsers and HIGH HP” heat mechs annoy me, like I can’t even beat the mech with 1 mech.

Troll energies never stand a chance against me on either mechs.


better call gargamel for help then


i still cant understand how couldnt the smurfs leave that giant cage wtf


I feel a resurgence of smurf related stuffs atm.
So its back


Smurf-busting heat counter counter


A guy who has flaming scope with phys items isn’t a smurf in my opinion.
They are using it for more damage.

Soo it’s not smurfing


People that use Scope on physicals (smart idea btw) are using it as a “get out of range I dare ya” type of tactic.

Hell that’s what I used mine for. (Kept them chickens closer). (Not everyones afraid of it but they do lose their shit when they’re low hp and get in range of it lmao).


You are not the only one.
Some of the top players still use it.

But still,it’s not smurfing


That’s why I need it :cry:


hue hue hue hue hue hue


I got to say the De-rankers are the most annoying. One main mech wrecks two of my mechs. That sounds like a totally fair fight. Nice!

The Troll builds sound like an acceptable strategy. In this example, it’s strong against heaters but garbage against other electricians. However, that’s not something I’d do.

Thank you for taking the time to make this thread. It looks like it took a lot of time to make.




@PyroBlitz you should use a face shocker as well to complete screw over them :joy:


NO! Face Shocker on a phys is idiotic, you end up draining yourself and the damage type isn’t compatible


Uhhh, I have a energy troll build and it has very specific set of duties, a troll build could also be a counter build as well, I’ve battled MANY focused builds with a set list of responsibilities…a high energy phys for example pack on tons of energy and little hp plates and almost zero heat engines, can you call it a troll? Or a focused counter build?
Look at Misfits great Avenger energy build with 193(its native torso amount)heat…but he murders phys and also energy alike and this is a common tactic in building…can we call them a type of smurf? I myself wouldn’t dare but to each his own…no worries!


Did you read whole thing?