An upgrading bug

So, I’ve been facing a bug few last times i was upgrading. (sorry, i have no screenshot but I will get it as soon as possible)
This is what happens:

  • when I click upgrade, it shows how is it upgraded and then is IMPOSSIBLE to click button sweet

Sorry, I don’t have a screenshot, but I will try to get it as sooner as possible :slight_smile:
Fix it plz

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Is this online or mobile? I believe previously when buttons have been greyed out when you have the correct stuff to use the button was due to connection issues.

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When transforming an item you need to do the following:
#1 - Sacrifice items in the same tier or higher.
#2 - You need to transform all of the items needed to transform an item. For example, if it asks for 4 items and you insert 3 it will not work.
If you are still having issues after this please let us know.
Thank you!


I’ve never actually seen this… lol