An idea to help with SMURF problem


In arena, if an opponent quits, they lose exp, and you gain more exp/gold/stars. Since SMURFS quit arena battles to maintain a low rank, then they would be less likely to quit and they would move on to higher ranks. Also, the more arena battles you quit, the more exp you lose. Just an idea, please consider because SMURFS need to stop farming wins at low ranks.


So they can drop down levels and level up again?


If they lose more and more exp by quitting, then it’ll take longer and longer to regain it, so either they will get the idea and move to higher ranks or spend a lot less time in the arena (both of which are good solutions)


Lmao, imagine this loophole



Good idea, it will take me shitload of time to drop lvl tho :frowning:


make them lose their arena bonuses


First of all,people like me wouldn’t care.
I have almost 140 million exp and I constantly get more due to a shit load of farming every day.

You are correct here,but this would only be half of the truth.They can just move or shut down until they get killed.


Or maybe have them lose 3-5 arena stars for quitting


Wht about players with millions of exp …?.?.


Wasting year for one thing…


That would make smurfing easier.


Or you can make it so that once a person enters a certain rank they can no longer derank further.
Like if you go past rank 10, then you can’t go below it.
If you go past rank 5, you can’t go below it.
Same thing with rank 15.


So peeps who had a really hard time reaching rank 5 will be stuck and get rekt.


Well they just have to git gud.



or why not just get rid of the “quit battle” button

so that you have to sit there and watch


People have a lot of time on their hands sooooo.
Yeah. And also. The battle automatically ends after 1 person doesn’t do anything nor talk during 2 turns.


If they do “get rekt” then they won’t go below rank 5, and they will probably appreciate that.


but it will be hard to progress further