An idea for a tournament mode

Hi, I want to talk about an idea for a very particular tournament mode in this type of tournament. 10 participants will fight in a team of 5. The team that wins will get a reward. The reward will be depending on the rank you are and these tournaments will only be able to fight with people of the same rank. so do not go to see technical problems that stop this idea [poll type=regular public=true]

  • Me gusta la idea
  • No me agrada mucho esta idea

Like 5v5? ( 20 characebd,xd m, x)

Too confusing, and players can just drag each other down.

is a team of 5vs5 get a bonus depending on their rank and get money but it would be like clans but those battles can only be made only once each day if they win they get money and some items and will rise in rank those who will fight and if they lose will go down in rank and you will only get 10,000 of money :smile:

It’s a team battle only for clans

me no understand poll choises

te estas copiando de clash royale?

what is that poll? :confused: