An honest review

So this is a kinda post that fits in many places but this’ll do. I feel l’ve played and seen enough of the new update to accurately review it. This isn’t a post to hound and slander tactisoft, and this isn’t a post to pander to veterans. I’ll break this thing up under headings to make it easier to read.

To the veteran players:
We’re all feeling it right now, years of progress being ripped away, start from scratch, etc,etc. Yeah it sucks, but don’t act like this is the first time. The kong players have been constantly experiencing this power creep, every time we would settle into the new meta and come up with great unique builds, a new myth would be introduced to knock the top 10 players off. It’s happened to me and many others. This update is no different, just larger scale and effects everyone. So yeah, it sucks, but you’re just experiencing something many of us already have and would have happened anyway because if they don’t keep coming out with new content the game would get stale and boring.

Now to be specific.

Removal of ammo: This is good. It’s made campaign and weapons more manageable in terms of balance and kits. No reasons to complain here that can’t be easily addressed or fixed. However in terms of campaign the problem of never getting a health pack still exists.

New fuel system: Not as shitty as before, you get a refill with every level up meaning if you play enough pvp and use up all your fuel you’ll be close to levelling up, though that may not be the case for high levels if you need more exp (Edit: It is definitely not enough to have 1 or 2 sittings and level up). Coupled with the price creeping of silver boxes this really creates a choke on how much people can actually play the game and efficiently progress with the game. Better for casuals, worse for dedicated players. To be honest I don’t mind the fuel system as it is, i’ve always seen it as a replacement for the limited arena we used to have, except now it costs tokens (a common theme).

New pilot levelling: New added feature, BUT, level 30’s shouldn’t be locked out of what they already had, e.g module slots. This could be done better though, some levels you get inventory increase, sometimes you don’t. I’d rather consistently have an increase of inventory slots each level than small spurts of increases. This would make a smoother natural progression for new players, and veterans trying to deal with this

Colour Kits: Oh boy… this was a doozy. Lets just get it out of the way. We know what you did. You introduced some fun cosmetics, it became popular, and you thought “Damn, we should make money off this”. So you removed it and re-implemented it for tokens with the new update. We’re not dumb, we noticed. Now I wouldn’t be so irked about it if all the colours were the same price, but they’re not, and we don’t even have the same variety of colours. Why is white 100 tokens? Is white the supreme colour? Or are you trying to create a class difference for those who can afford it? Really immature and borderline racist. In case you didn’t notice, black was the most used kit, so why make white the most expensive? Add more colours, make all the prices equal at a low token price, then we’ll forget you ever took it away from us to make money off it.

PVP: Hell at the moment with all the people who have spent money to get ahead. However apart from that and focusing on actual pvp there is one major issue. COLOURBLIND COLOURS. I am not, and many other people who play the game are not colorblind, I understand you’re being sensitive to the minority, but colourblind colouring looks absolutely horrible and strains my eyes. I can’t play the game too long because the bright yellow is just gross. If you really want to have the colour blind feature then make it optional. Also, winstreaks… I’d prefer to remove them because i often find myself getting boosted up into a rank im not ready for and then vsing rank 1s that have full myths and they completely wreck me and i get a negative win rate because of the rank boosting of win streaks, it makes me feel like i have to throw games on purpose just to maintain a 50/50 win rate.

Campaign: Too hard. It should serve as a catalyst for players to rise to power, not something so hard it crushes players trying to get by. The A.I seems to be a lot more aggressive and intelligent, almost as if they’re aware that it doesn’t matter if they die, they just need to do as much damage to you as possible so that you can’t progress. So… yeah. Not really a fan of that. For me a former rank 1, I can only do lost valley boss on normal difficulty and hope for 3 repair packs if i want to make it to the boss, i can’t even do the . Oh, and I would also prefer if i could start with the boss so i don’t waste my time killing everything just to find out i can’t even kill the boss even when i’m full health. Especially if i’m paying tokens to revive.

Upgrade system: Its really… something… i mean… unless you’re playing for hours and hours a day you’re not going to make much progress on upgrading items. Since the update started i’ve played for like 8 hours a day and i’ve only managed to get 3 legendaries even with all the legacy items i’ve dumped into item exp. I can only imagine how bad its going to get for the mythical stage and i have no more fodder to dump into levelling. The gold aspect is not so bad early on, but the item farming is a constant problem. Later on the gold problem is just ridiculous costing upwards of 110k to get a legendary maxed, possibly more. But that doesn’t even take into account fusing costs and the costs of the items you most likely had to buy to be able to spend money and upgrade the item anyway. So you get what i’m saying?

This whole evolution system is just a giant grind fest, oh and let’s not forget that this whole tedious process of upgrade only affects ONE ITEM out of the possible many options that you have. Have the devs not considered people might like to try out different weapons and builds without suffering rank loss? Or what about 2v2 and 3v3? No one plays these modes because its impossible enough to make 1 mech, let alone have the ability to diversity and invent a TEAM of 3. But i suppose im not meant to be able make myself a full legendary mech within a week. Perhaps after a month of intense grinding every day i might be able to have some myths completed…

I really feel that fuse costs shouldn’t be a thing since you’re literally paying it in items already. You have to pay for items, then pay for powering a single item up, then you have to pay for more items so you can pay to upgrade a single item to another rarity… not so great. But there is a way this can be helped, and that’s if you flip the fused requirements, so instead of 5 legendaries to make a myth, its 2 legendaries to make a myth. And then it’ll be 5 commons to make a rare, 4 rares to make an epic, etc. This’ll make the grind a lot smoother and less tedious and sticky when you get bogged down into the legendary zone.

Items: First off, this aint what was promised. We were promised that every item would have a chance to be dropped as common to myth. How many of us took that was that a nightmare could drop to only be common to epic, while another nightmare would drop as rare to mythic. What we got instead was a system where there are items that you want to look for because you can always get them to myth, and every other item is fodder. There’s no diversity, it’s literally just find this item or pray you get it, then grind to get it mythical. Its almost like when you buy a premium box now, you’re just hoping for a legendary so it can be fodder to make a mythical. I don’t see this as an appealing use of tokens at all as you could pretty much just increase inventory space and have a greater diversity and choice of builds and upgrading pathways. I also feel there should be more transparency as to the strength and future strength of items so people aren’t wasting money on items that are going to turn out bad or that wont synergise with the type of build they’re going for. New free to play players are going to be greatly put off by this mystery and completely turned off when they find out none of the items they’re investing in are actually good at all.

Inventory system: I hate this. I honestly do and there’s no excuse for it. You say you’re trying to fight against hoarding but literally create a system where hoarding is needed. We are forced to accumulate fodder material to upgrade items which we already have to pay for and then use the fodder material to fuse or power up items. If we are restricted with inventory space then we can’t freely upgrade the items we want because we’re being forced to make space for what is essentially fodder to upgrade items. I don’t think anyone likes having to constantly go back after opening a box just to upgrade something because otherwise you won’t have space to get more fodder items later. It’s just a really tedious and serves no purpose other than to make you more money from people spending tokens to increase the inventory limit for the sake of convenience. So please just, remove the limit or increase how many items we can hold, i feel like a street begger here asking for food… like… its not a want Tactisoft, its a need.

Legacy items: Not a fan of what you did here. I don’t feel I need to go into this because Im sure you already know how everyone feels about this. It wasn’t nice and there’s still no compensation at all for the 100s of dollars people have put into this game to support you guys. It really isnt nice. What you can at least do, is increase the power legacy items provide. What i’ve noticed is that it doesn’t matter what level the item is, it only gives you power based on the rarity. I think it should account for both, because of how much people put into upgrading those legacy items in the first place. This needs to be a priority hotfix so that people stop wasting their old items for no benefit to previous efforts.

Item boxes: Silver and premium being the only two options i feel is a nice change. Everyone was only spending tokens on gold boxes (or at least people who wanted a good deal) and mix boxes were literally the only economically viable option too. This has made it simpler and cleaner so cool. But, only giving us 2 items a box seems a bit… greedy. Especially with the cost creep of silver boxes and the real weighted cost of premium boxes. If you think about it, a premium box is only as good a silver box IF you get a legendary item, and we dont know what that chance is. Therefore spending tokens on premium boxes is a very unappealing risk. Best case scenario is you get a legendary item which you may or may not use and end up using it as fodder to feed into a myth, and the worst case is you get no legendaries but a bunch of crappy stuff you can already find in any other box. So yeah, premium boxes are not so great in terms of value, but the concept of having the two boxes with different currencies is fine. The increased cost of the silver box is also a great way to separate the casuals from the dedicated so im not to fussed with that change. My suggestion here is to possibly add an extra item to premium boxes so that you have 3 chances to get a legendary rather than 2.

Thats all I can be bothered writing for now. I think this sums up my experience so far. Very grindy, not much empathy for what players have to go through to enjoy a game they love. Some of the changes are great and like them such as the changes to ammo and the changes to leg items. But overall Its not a great impression. If i were to give this game a rating i’d give it a 2/5 because it lacks good game empathy for common players and for that reason i also would not reccomend this game to a friend because there are many other games that do the whole grindfest thing to a more enjoyable extent.
At least the items look pretty now though.

EDIT: I’ve also noticed another issue which is that veteren players aren’t being compensated for the new level up rewards that they’re missing.


wow , that time you spent on that thread -,-
you’re not the only one with those toughts and there’s no reason to post that because every second thread is similar to yours.
but still after reading this there’s still a reason for me to play this game. after the update there was something i can do. like grinding for new items and gold. :smiley:


Very nicely put. I honestly found everything you said reasonable (and this type of post is MUCH more effective to making me understand your views… sadly though, I am not on the SM team).

One thought that I had however. From what I’ve been reading, many of the complaints i’ve heard is just how hard it is to grind the best weapons. Before, it wouldn’t take too long. I think (honestly not sure) this was purposeful so that players would have a slower progression (and not get bored/continue to have things to do/look forward to). Granted, games that require you grind like crazy to improve have their own issues. One of the biggest issues is that you “think” it gives people things to do so they don’t get bored. While in the process, people usually get very bored of grinding the same thing over and over and over again :joy:

Reminds me of when I played FFXIV online. Every update that came every few months was grinding the same 3-4 things over and over until the next update. Then a new 3-4 things came up for the next month to grind :joy: However, they did aesthetics well. Allowed you to buy stuff that looked good and then you could transform good gear to look like anything you owned (and then color it how you wanted).


I love this review carries my thoughts perfectly


Understood on that comment about weapons. However the only two modes of grinding available is campaign and PVP. You eventually run out of energy in the campaign, and for PVP you basically have to have no pride because you know you’re going to be losing a whole bunch of times. Like with me for example, I fluctuate from rank 3 to 1 because there’s such a huge gap in f2p and p2w players that its impossible to winstreak in a rank 1 environment for me. Which means i often go on huge lose streaks vsing these rank 1s even if i demote to rank 2.

So for me, farming the same campaign mission over and over because it gives the best rewards based on energy efficiency and risk factor is not so fun and only a temporary solution because then ill run out of energy. And PVP is not enjoyable because of this huge gap in power. At least before the update I could sit in rank 1 and have some people I could beat and some people I couldn’t. But now its like, vs some people on my level and get a winstreak after 3 wins, then vs rank 1s and lose 5 times in a row. So yea, not fun.

EDIT: Oh and thanks for the compliment, i put a lot of time and effort into this review. I wrote it over 3 or 4 days. Cant even remember.


I also did a brief Review type, it might appear a similar thing but we thought the same friend. If you want I put you so you have your credits too ^^

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Thats alright man :stuck_out_tongue: Im just hoping that the debs read through this but i doubt it

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Bro, I read it xd (But I stress it :0)

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the new update is fucking stupid, and the one before that the game like 6 months was way better then it is now.

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