An even playing field mode

The GOAT tournament got me thinking…

How about a mode in-game where your mechs will be powered-down to level 1, unfused…

You select a mode: epics only, legendaries only, rares only… heck, even commons only if that would be a good idea.

Then whatever you have equipped will be automatically (temporarily) converted to Level 1 of that mode.

Let’s use the GOAT tournament as example.

I have a build which are at legendary level. Each item has an epic level in it. I pick Epic Mode, and I am matched with anyone searching for an Epic vs. Epic match.

What if I have an item which starts at Legendary, for example? An error message will appear and you need to review your mechs.

This would make the GOAT tournament a regular thing, though… Which I don’t know if is a good idea or not.

Any thoughts? Do I even need to place a poll for this?


This is a great idea, @jomz. Unfortunately, it is a very complicated development-wise, and as you probably know, our team of top-kek TS developers has huge problems adding crappy tiny one-click features, like colors, for example. So I guess it is a waste of our keyboards to even continue this thread… And how many exciting features have WE proposed to date? There is a nice word in Polish - srylion or pierdyliard… which stand roughly for zillion… But it is slightly worse language…


I guess I’d have to just put this idea here for “better developed” developers… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good idea but not every item has its common/rare/epic stage

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But I was thinking that something like this would mean only minor tweaks for mechs, instead of hunting down spare parts and building from scratch.