An easier way to get epic items


Look ma! A post that’s not complaining about the fusion costs (yet).
For all you players that need epic items, doing the last mission (big boy) on easy mode guarantees you TWO epic items each playthrough. This way getting 15+ epics a day isn’t all that hard to do without $$$.
Also you get a nice bit of SM and exp :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: Epic power kits and legendaries can be found also


epic… 2 epics items on bigboy

I want coins!! No exp…!!


started 30ish minutes ago, 86k made so far (with 1 lvl up) with 8 epics


i dont need rares, i need epics or legendaries ._.
does someone know how to get epics fast?


wut? ._. what did you wrote?


Sorry my bad I meant epic items not rare, you get two epics items per playthrough


Do you mean you get a premium box by beating BigBoy?


nope, you get a normal item box that has two epic items in it. Did it 4/4 times getting 8 epics


big boy is too op for me right now ._.


dont worry, you get 3-5 repair kits per run


my mech is almost full legendary is that enough?


The problem is here, ive actually run out of legacy items to fuse to my new items xD


Im using a full legendary mech so yes, that should be enough :stuck_out_tongue:


lol i still have 700 legacy items ._.


I wish I had more, current im at 70/115 items


how many legacy items did you had before?


800ish charater limit


You need myth torso and amyth wepon to beat it, with only 1 repair kit.
Or you get 3 repair kits … but that is like 50% chance.
Give u 2 epics… but they are slightly useless without gold.
So you get 2 epics and around 8.000 -10.000 gold.
The cost to fuse 2 epics into a myth item… is 6.000.
Good luck grinding… cause tou just hit the wall.


i heard big boy is full mythical. doesn’t they do 200-300 damage? my mech has only 900 hp


Not at all El_Metre, im using a full legendary mech and ive beaten the mission using 3 repair kits. Also its not 8k-10k, you get 10.5k SM on the dot.