An actually 2v2 competitive match

Here’s an idea. How about instead of one player using two robots, its two players using one robot each, going up against another two players, each using one robot.

Like a normal match, there will be two health, energy, heat and resistances bars on each side. The screen height will be widened and the boundaries increased by another 5 “range”. Your screen (if not zoomed out) will be wide enough to show you and your opponents, not necessarily your teammate. Each team will go back and forth between turns (player 1 on team one goes first, then player 3 on team 2 goes second and vice versa). each turn per player will be increased to 40 seconds and a team chat feature will be available (only you and your teammate can see what you are saying to them), apart from the open chat.

Each player on both teams will start 2 ranges from each other, players on the same team, players cannot damage their other teammate and cannot move or teleport to occupy their space. If a player dies on one team, they will have to spectate until their other teammate dies or wins the match.

When firing your weapons, if only one target is within range, you can fire on them without having to switch targets. However, if there is two target within range of your weapons, you will have to tap on the weapon and tap on the robot you want to hit. If you want to hit a target behind another target, your shots will go through the target blocking your intended target. If your target is right behind you, and not in front of you, you will face your target and fire on them. If you are using a weapon that Retreats or Advances, if a target or teammate is within the maximum range of the retreat or advance (upon landing) of your robot, you cannot use that weapon until they are clear of that specific range. If you have a drone active, it will attack your Last target that you have attacked. If you are using a weapon that has knockback and there is a robot behind your target, you will still damage your target but knockback will not be applied. Likewise with pull weapons.

If you decide to use your charge to ram a target behind another target, you will hit that other target, damaging them instead (cause realistically in this game, you cannot charge past a robot). If you charge into your teammate, you will knock them forwards but will do no damage to them. If you use a grappling hook to grapple a target behind another target, it will pull your intended target into the other target, knocking the other target forward but no damage will be done.

Depending on your rank, rewards will be between 15 - 25k gold and 7.5 - 15k experience by default, and will be doubled for the winning team. For top matches, 10 - 20 tokens are rewarded, regardless of loss or win.

What do you think?


This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen on here. It has a perfect balance between game logic and real life physics, allows for much easier ranking up for those struggling with getting two good mechs, and provides a more strategic way to play the game. Let’s hope that it gets added!


I really like this idea. But for simplicity, I would recommend only allowing weapons to attack 1 opponent at a time (not two).

Otherwise, this would be a really neat feature…although a TON of work for Devs lol =P


Someone made a thread about this roughly a month ago. Love the idea :slight_smile:


what if you get matched with a troll tho


Well then you can always leave, and leave the other player to fend for themselves.

Forgot to include it

but then you lose a star don’t you? or you lose a streak? isn’t that a big issue?


Yes, Well then you would just have to deal with the troll, if you don’t want to lose a star.

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thats just a lose lose situation. no way you’re going to win with only half the amount of turns as the enemy

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Then you’ll have to accept it.

bruh momento


i see this as a new arena mode,maybe it can be added as a weekly event with its own arena points and prizes


this just sounds like a team battle but will take forever to finish


What if the time limit was tighter so it would take less time? Like 15 seconds. Sorry for necro but this idea is great,and it should be in the game though it is anti-ptw (the fact that you won’t need a second mech…the devs won’t like that).