Ammo problems help me

guns need ammo
SOMETIMES i cant see how much ammo i has.
how do you get ammo
new update sucks

GUNS do not need ammo.
Unless you’re using Legacy stuff then you’re screwed if you got rid of the ammo modules.

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welp, my strongest weapons are legacy…

kill me!

Then you need to hit up the missions and farm new weapons.

The new weapons when upgraded makes the legacy weapons look like butter knives. :slight_smile:

Sure no problem bring your mech into the SM Moshpit and I’ll kill you real good!!

Only main good thing I liked about a bunch of the legacy weapons was they didn’t need ELE (electric) so the ELE bots couldn’t wipe out all my weapons ability to work.
Like now the new weapons that have no elec needs are very rare.

I do like and still use my Legacy Mythical Lavaspray Mark II until I get the new version anyway.