Am I stupid, or is upgrading power kits a total waste?

Can someone explain something to me: what is the new point of the power kits that can be upgraded?

I actually can’t figure this out on my own.

A blue level 1 power kit is worth 1760 power.
Any random item of epic quality level 1 gives 3500 power in a total mismatch (epic energy weapon to epic physical torso)
A perfect item match gives 4200 power (epic energy weapon to epic energy weapon)

Boosting an item kit with a 3500 power granting epic makes that blue kit give +320 extra power. So you destroy 3500-4200 power worth of items to gain… 320 extra power… a loss of 9/10 of your power that also costs gold to boost.

Please explain why anyone would ever upgrade a power kit. Surely this is not just a trap to drain resources from players who aren’t aware?

And while you’re at it, explain power kits also accept color kits for transformation.

If you look at this from the perspective of a player with 10 000+ items, anything that allows you to fuse in order to save slots can help you. Remember, we only have 8 days grace period left, after that you cannot open a single box. This is what the “Unclaimed boxes” tab will be useful for…

You are correct it is entirely wasteful to boost/upgrade a power kit. You are paying twice for a boost. It is far more worth it to boost an item you are using whereas you would pay twice boosting a power kit then transferring that power kit to an item.


But you aren’t saving anything, nor is it helping you. In fact it’s hurting even your case sample, because it still costs gold to pour those 10,000 old items into a new ‘power kit’. That example also begs the question, why wouldn’t you at put all those old items into upgrading new items.

As ReiMutBots points out, all you are doing is paying twice for a boost. And losing 9/10th of your boost energy in the process of needing to be paying twice.

Plus from what I found you loose some of the power from the second kit or item.
So if you take 3500 kit and put another 3500 to it you end up with 6000 not 7000 plus the gold you blew on it.
It’s a waste.

Just use your items directly for a transform, if you run out of slots time to start upgrading other worthy items for future use.

I hope this is NOT the feature which Mohadib was talking about

Well, Vorkaal, you begin to grasp the whole point and strategy of TS. You begin to figure out, that in 8 days, in order to OPEN ANY FREAKING BOX, EVEN THE SHITTY SILVER ONE, you will SIMPLY HAVE TO GET RID OF ALL YOUR LEGACY ITEMS first. If you are an attentive observer, you will notice, that the item limit includes ALL YOUR ITEMS, also the ones mounted on the mechs. So the strategy of building crapton of mechs won’t work, as well. MAN, YOU ARE MENTIONING “SAVINGS”??? ROTFL!!! You should feel lucky you will be forced to burn the same items ten times for the cost of 10x the fusion of one item to free up slots… THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM!!!

No I don’t believe it is.

These are the power kits that drop from existing new crates. They are flagged as ‘bonus’ and can start as white, blue, or purple quality levels.

I did not convince you? Fair enough, let’s get back to this point in 8 days! Believe me, power kits is just the tip of an iceberg…

I was responding to TheDevil, hence the little respond image in my message.

As for what you said, of course I recognize that looming problem, but that problem and this one are separate issues entirely.

And for the record, they said they have a fix coming to help players, free of charge, to dump their massive pool of items into new storage kits:

That actually should fully address your concerns.

Now with that aside, back to the topic at hand. What’s the deal with the power kits that drop from item boxes? Why are they possible to be upgraded if upgrading them is done at a 9/10th loss rate of boosting power, and costs additional gold to do so?

tacticsoft idea of inflation… or just to continue to piss us off more.

How much you want to bet the fix that allows us to dump massive amounts of items into storage kits for FREE will have a similar loss rate as Transforming power kits.
Just like the dam 6 50,000 , and the dozen 10,000 power kits I had before the update that all turned into 3000 each…

Another twist of the knife.

Something else that I don’t think’s been mentioned (and which does not make any sense) - you can’t use power kits in the transform slots. So say you’re trying to transform a legendary to a myth, you can’t actually use a legendary power kit as one of the 5 items needed for the transformation.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - why on earth should power kits take up inventory space (they do currently)? What’s the point of having them if they give no advantage whatsoever over boosting regular items?

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Well at least I don’t feel so dumb anymore, looks like everyone has questions about this but no one has answers…

Since the issue of the inventory limit and the stored boxes that we cannot open have been discussed here … I think this does not convenient to Tacticsoft either…

because … why would I spend tokens on buying premium boxes if I cannot open them?

that is … if tacticsoft is not looking for a solution (which would be to extend the grace period 1 or 2 months more), the most damaged are going to be themselves.

Made the law, made the trap (but you cannot fall into your own trap).

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Damn, Wep, you got brains, my dear. Perhaps this is just another reason for them to cut down on the number of item drops from boxes, I guess (hey, @El_Metre, I still hate this idea, bro!). It is enough to tell you, guys, that I run out of items to fuse and start accumulating thousands of coins…

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Until you start fusing again… i alredy ran into that wall… still have legacy myths tho… i just cant seam to let go of them… they were so good to me… and they cost so much… so damn much… specily the fully fused ones

Now I understand, El_Metre, but believe me, I’ve been in your shoes, felt the same. Can you imagine my emotions while fusing up my fully upgraded Diamond Shells and Repair Drones? And the thought in my head “Perhaps they change something, perhaps I just lose all my effort and money, and in a couple of days they come up with a solution to use legacies again?” But we are adult and sensible, El_Metre, and we all know very well no such thing will happen. I just grew to understand this. If you do, things will start to look different, man. You just need more time.

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Still searching for that elusive answer to what is the point of upgrading power kits.

Looks like the same issue I bring up. But I also see there is also no answer or explanation for it in that thread there either.