Am I lucky? Valiant+bunker

Long time ago I’ve got bunker shell. Even if I use physical I decided to keep it. And today… Valiant sniper dropped!!! So is it good idea to max these too weapons? I’m including my build so you can see that I have lot of energy engine but only one heat engine :confused:
Especially I want to ask @Mordulec because he maxed similar weapons then threw them away to make energy mech.

Valiant Sniper = current OP weapon. Absolutely worth maxing.

Bunker Shell = Opinions will vary. Personally I would use it as well, with that last words and another valiant sniper and a windforge (if your luck continues).

Just my two cents. And while you’re at it will you send me some luck? I could use it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am not greedy :wink: I have one rank 1 mech so take this luck :joy:

Hi @Trojan! Since you show us your two mechs, I presume the other with energy weapons is the one in question. So my suggestion is do not resign on anything. Instead, build your second mech and prepare for 2v2. Valiant+Bunker+Last Words is the backbone of any strong energy mech. But you need to pack at least one weapon more. And I would be better if it was a pusher. In your case I strongly recommend the axe (from my experience, when the opponent is drained, the axe acts like a bunker shell with unlimited use - reliable source of 400+ damage each time). The best option is an Ash Creator, but it is rare as hell (but with your luck… anything is possible). If you do not have these weapons, another Last words will be good, but you have 2 problems there:

  1. The way to push enemy from melee to last words range - you got iron boots, so that makes the incompatible damage - switch the legs for lightning supporters (67 energy damage!)
  2. Last words is circa 63 kg, so you get the overweight problem (consider lightweight legs, e.g. the sexy light energy legs, damn, I cannot remember the name right now…)
    To sum up, a combo of a physical mech + energy mech will allow you to rule 2v2. It is a good basis for a strong 3v3 setup. Another thing is that your physical mech is a bit awkward and has some issues… But it is another story…

Phys build is good, I have got 38 place with it :wink:

But back to energy - sadly I don’t have these rare weapons range 1 :frowning: but I can max lightning supporters there is no problem. Extra weapon can be last words if I switch legs to Dynamic Stompers.

As uou can see I don’t have enough modules to make 2 good mechs. I want to use energy mech and when I’ll get modules I’ll make 2 mechs.

Thanks for your help anyway!