Am I doing this right?

Hello folks, Walter here.

So, I have been raeging at this game for a while now maybe a few months. yeah yeah I am a noob, get over it.

So, I have been quietly watching how numbers stack up in this game, EXP wise, I really do not watch the gold. So someone tell me how this sounds, as with what I am doing I hit six-seven levels since I started about oh… 330-4pm EST

55 energy divided by 5 energy per battle on a Hard map I have chosen as my easy farm, breaks down into 11 battles.

Said hard map drops a box every turn I have seen, 8,500-8,700 exp each time. Mostly junk bit useful bits now and then.

So, 8,500 x 11 fights comes out too… 93500 exp per run. With this run, I will level ding each time. Energy refill, etc etc. Often with a bit left over incase I am near level but not at in terms of energy so I hit a secondary map and it is usually enough to ding. Just letting the gold stack and so forth.

I went from 0 gold to slightly over 300k in a few hours of letting it run in the background though now and then Pantsy the AI screws up and I have to intervene. Like he gets confused by simple things… Like, oh Overheat, when the enemy is face to face, when the enemy teleports, when they harpoon him, when the color of the sky shifts… You know, the usual.

What this comes down too is I have been bouncing steadily through level ups. I know there are higher yeld maps, however the map in question I can run through in maybe 2min-3min max? So the time sink is pretty short.

Yep. This is how I spend my days, weird semi useless ponderings like this!

You mean Raging?

also yes, You are doing it right though you will need to up your game when you reach the level 100 mark or level 80

well yes, im thinking about a map near the end. been flying through the 50s right now basically every 20min is a levelup on average. Just sort of figuring this all out as I go, i have settled on my blueprint. I like how it operates and its all slowly becoming legendary. So, lots of slow work but in the end hopefully worth it !

Hmm… What’s your build? Depending on your build you can constantly farm the final boss

I have two supreme cannon, I like their knockback and that punch does pretty well, they re stil epic and once im done gold farming im gonna pop them both up to legendary, a annilation i got a few days ago thats legendary and can do in the area of 200 dmg and Nightfall i got today I think, maybe last night… and I just got up to doing 206 dmg at legendary.

Got Iron boots and Interceptor torso at legendary, generic teleport since i dont use it yet, a hurlbat that is kinda low level and an iron claw.

I like my hardware simple and to the point, direct fire weapons and missiles over energy weapons. XD

This is it as of a few moments ago. my resists are purely from the torso and legs I guess (still figuring things out) have one of those savior things that is still at like… level 3 i think gonna pump a bunch of stuff into that to jump the resisits up

if possible, Try copying this, This is my old mech, My current is much stronger

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Or this.

I see that zark in your inventory

sneaky sneaky snekkkkk



Well, I used to do the same thing… Farm missions and level up quite fast.
Initially it is fine, but do concentrate more on gold than exp. Interceptor is the worst possible phys torso. You could switch it out for zarkares or windigo. To finish the last mission on easy(at least), you would need around 1k HP, decent pys and exp resist(30+),decent heat(300+/120+ cooldown) and very less energy. Also, you need close range weapons to defeat the tanks within 2 or three of your turns.

Keep doing that, and once in a while, finish the other missions, just for completions sake.
Do a couple of refills in the weekly gold portal to amass gold.

man those are shiny things… i keep seeing that weird mac truck torso, what the heck IS it. so weird looking compared to the kinda normal mech chassis parts, and i have no idea what a zark is auuugh so new hahah. I am guessing it is a special kind of hell to get black paint as well.

Welp I just got both top cannons to legendary level… 13 i think so is a slow progression. This torso is working well enough for now, sadly my alt mech has more HP like around… 1399ish but terrible weapons so i got mad at that account and now this one… is just working hah.

This is essentially a test bed? since I can farm for 16 or so hours a day without really having to do much but click a button. Plus, its amusing to my old brain the way it looks, ikeep upgrading going Ooohh what color will it be next! ahah,

I… ran around in a Light Mech (20tons), in MW for ages, it was terrible, but it had a bunch of puny weapons and really was just annoying but I had a blast.

Heck Im gonna spend tomorrow trying to get the legs and torso to level 40, I have I think, one or two of those common plates and I think I had One rare but have yet to run into any sort of epic version of it.

Also, as a side note. So many of these weapons look fun as feck, but augh when they stack up to each other… So varied. I am still learning how the math for this stuff works, and I… just squint at some of these weights vs damage vs its heat cost or energy cost…

Now I know SM is not the various other mech games I have played of course, buut some of the values just… seem off. But again, I -am- the kind of person who dissects this stuff likely too much, and me and my little nerd herd just go done a few months back with the first possible play edition of a PnP mech game. So, I have been fiddling with nuts and bolts.

Anyways back to topic.

This. Took. So. Much. Time… AUUUUUGHHH… But I am happy so far!

This on the main acct (which I have been negletcing…) was the best I could do but this one was my First ever really attempt thing… I did a bunch of wasteful things with it, and I have to basically work around it. Got a lot of epics scatted about that acct, and sooner or later I will get back to it.

Your frist mech look like a smurf.
Please get rid of it.

what if he has no better items atm

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Damn yoyo!
175 regen…

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Call me a psycho elc killer.

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smurf? yeah I jjust got the anniliation and nightfall to legerndary after a lot of work, and the top weapons just finally hit legendary. Not about to get rid of what are the first effective weapons I have encountered that are not pew pew lasers.

Four weapons is sufficent and it represents well over 100+ hours of grinding on dis game, and this is all I have to show for it. So, its a step onwards with each build, but the design is effective, physical focused and does semi well enough,

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It’s fine but please don’t smurf.

Thank you.

Im not smurfing, That would require me knowing anything about this game and knowing what cheap guns are best. This mech as it stands exsists as it stands because I was tired of cheap pilots in the low ranks with mythical gear just popping up and smashing. Still not good enough to slug it out in 2v2 but if I can cheese even one of those twinky pilots off at the end of all this… I did it right.

This entire config, modules and such is a learning process. Everyone can spout names of this item and that item, or what this or that does… I am still going Okay, so, this is some kind of a gatling gun… Neat. And that is where it ends.

The only thing, I have seen about these weapons is i finally have 3 atk per side weapon and 3 per missile rack, so it finally feels like a real mech. This isnt smurfing,

Smurfing is an assault mech at 100 tons with 4-5 LRM20s, at leasat one PPC and as many lasers as they can pack into it, never stops firing once and can out armour and out last just about anything.

I dont think that far ahead, just trying to plod through and figure out how all these parts work.

Now, its time for hoagies.

Yeah yeah.
Since you have two close range weapons that are pretty strong, better replace one of your supreme canons with a night eagle.

I have no idea what a night eagle is. I feel I should but… yeah no idea. Man I suck.

It is a top weapons witch does between 160 and 250 damage at Max legendary.
It basically throws a nuke or a mortar or shell behind a person and pulls the mech towards you, combine that with nightfall,and done.
If you wanna deal about 200 damage and push back, then use the supreme cannons.

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