Always remember


Hey Skiller ^^

(what is this from ? at least for the characters)

(Some half-random tagging @casualdude @IDon’tKnowWhoToPingToo…


Here you go :D
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TF2’ Heavy

I couldn’t remember which one it was…I was going for the Demoman, but it felt odd XD

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Sasha is a sheep. Yeah, nevermind. How ya doing? Been a while?

Doing “depends-on-occasions”

4 months (for Discourse) XD

And you ? ^^

(want to be invited in the latest lounge btw ?)

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Well, I’ve sorta “setup” myself, my mind isn’t as messy as before :D

Has anything big happened here, on the forum? And on Supermechs? Ja, I’ve heard of Divine stuff, but that be it.

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Clan Wars
A Pumkin perk portal for Holloween
Some new items and mechanics (Backfire, Advance, etc)
Some changes to top ranks

Anf for forums…
Same ppl roughly
Same wars (but less it seems)
Less activity

And I dunno otherwise

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What, what, what?

I’ll take care of that >:D

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Want me to invite you the lounge ?

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uhh - SuperMechs topics
well - Off Topic

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Lounge IX?
If there’s another one, go on :)

Moj buraz se vratio :)))

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Eeeeee, đe si brate :D Šta ima, nekakva cura ili nešto ;)

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Cura? Ah nema jos,likuse su Madjari bem im kevu.
Sta ima kod tebe?

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Šta ima, ima kurac :laughing: Malo sam se sredio, smirio, samo čekam da umrem .-.

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E jbg bato sta ces…

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Ima li u SM išta kod tebe, ili na forumu?