Always ends up using non-ammo mech


as i have said in several of my posts, for me a mech must have 600+ hp,160+ heat
175+ energy,90+ cool and regen,8-10 resist, energy shield etc.

once this is done (ofcourse i don’t have a mythical torso)there is just ,say 200 weight left on the mech.
if i use an ammo module(or 2) then i can get ,may be two ammo weapons in.

so i end up using non-ammo weapons; mythical weapons just sit around in the inventory

any solutions?


ammo weapons are “best defence is offence”: you don’t bother defending and instead just activate drone and attack with everything you have, trying to deal maximum damage before you die (youusually don’t have enough ammo to fight too long even if you somehow survive)

shielding approach is opposite: you use non-ammo weapons, high HP and shield. On field, activate drone and shield, then outlive your opponent. while constantly harassing him. Resists and resist drain are good, too.

so basically its two opposite strategies. Of course you can try to combine them and make something between… thats called “balance” and is pretty strong if you can do it correctly.

abt your mech stats: you could remove one energy module. For me personally, 145 energy and 78 regen is enough to supplement 25% shield in most cases (of course I dont try to use energy shield vs energy mech :)) Althrough I dont use ammo (using more cooling and HP instead), I could fit ammo module instead of HP one if I wanted (or even two HP modules - but then my HP would fall below 700 which is not good for rank 1 mech)


Hi Dave,
For my setup (Diamond Shell) using the shield is the only option to survive. And I use energy shield against energy mechs with great results. Let’s say I face a SuperNova and ColdFire. I activate 30% shield (with 95 regen on my mech). Enemy shoots SN, I absorb 30% dmg, and at the end of the turn I am regenerated to face the Cold Fire (although without the shield, I still have 95 energy to spare). This is proven in battle and it works great for me!


that name is not mine… you probably mistook me for other person

either way. You basically use shield as to counter 30% of damage… this is surprisingly good tactical decidion if enemy fire only one weapon at you (and if you use stall mech with no energy-consumin weapons, which is the case). Unfortunately, enemy usually also uses other energy weapons - dealing you energy damage

Case with SuperNova: if you activate shield, you lose all or almost all energy after Nova, then enemy fires energy draining drone - so you lose remaining energy and also take some minor energy damage. Would you not activate shield here, you would take less damage to energy (no energy damage thus), but some more damage… and this “some more” is ~10-20 based on Nova upgrdade level and RNG, since much of damage is blocked by resists anyway, and SuperNova isn’t that damaging, unlike UltraNova

Case with 2 SuperNovas: you obviously lose all energy here, no exceptions. However, that 10-20 damage you blocked is no re-dealt to you as 20-40 energy damage. So you waste a turn and take even more damage.

so, you may think twice before activating shield. Using one turn to save few hitpoins - or wasting turn AND some hitpoints. Other than that, as I said, nice tactical thinking ability you demonstrated


Thank you very much, I did not expect such words from, in my opinion, my greatest critiqe. And yes, this playstyle involves a lot of tactics, I force the enemy to inflict just one damage move each turn. Sometimes it looks like I only take damage and get into position to receive even more damage, but it pays off. Energy mechs with limited use (Electric GM legs, shotgun with 2 uses, coldfire and supernova) are no longer a threat. Some physical mechs fall down too. The only problem is fully fused 2x physical mechs with Steel Barrier and other OP stuff. Then I fall…