Almost to 1 million gold



I see you took my farming advice! Glad its working out for you!


I’ve past 3 million before…@Winz_Kay has 10 million



Keep Farming you’ll get there, some day :wink:


What’s your ign?


What does that mean I dont know


ign means: in game name


I remember when I had 4m gold, and I was so happy, and then I spent it on silver boxes and fusing. Back at 2m.


Wtf 37 million and 4.800 thousand tokens?


i did it i got to 1 million coins


He has 4809 tokens and not 4 800 000.

Congrats. Why do you cut your pictures like this and not the way that it only shows the game?


She or he is using a stupid unblocked games website and not the actual website…

Or so I think


i cant use the actual web site because my school block it its sad i know by the way hi am a he


Play at home @Brennankawamura


so hard to grow :: so easy to dwindle



plus the ads are wierd and and i am right now