Almost 2 hours of maintenance?

From 09:07 am UTC maintenance till 11:00 am UTC…

Is some kind of big update coming or what?

Or is maintenance always that long?

After finishing the thread I noticed that another thread about the same topic was made at the same time.
Maybe some moderator can fuse the two threads?

The other thread is:

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I bet it’s a ban wave, lmao.

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I haven’t seen it this long in a while. Hopefully this means some kind of cool update.

3 case scenarios :

  • TS is going to ban someone / a lot of people.

  • Its an update

  • Bug Fixes

Last time I seen this was mid last year, and it was some big update. But then again I am known to be wrong once in a blue moon :stuck_out_tongue:

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It might be an event , you never know what ts will bring .

The are gonna add the “Face Melter” and “Face Puncher” heat and physical drones so everyone can stop bitching about the face shocker


They are adding trading system :v


whats this ? owowowowowo

No, if they do something important that some players wanted then it would be something TS can profit from.
So in this case the first thing they would do would be to find a way to charge cheaters and hackers.

E.g. if you buy an manipulated account on a Russian website where you get 900 premium chests for 5 bucks then TS would make it so that you will be charged the same amount of money all the tokens for buying 900 premium chests would have cost.
That would be something that would bring TS a lot of money and therefore would be the first thing they would work on and implement. :moneybag: :dollar: :pound: :euro:


It’s clan system update, most likely.

#ClanWarsUpdate I call it

the new version starts tomorrow,
everything we have will be legacy items,
new weapons all new …

no longer be able to use current weapons …

to start over


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Yep just saw it on googleplay.
Lets see how far did they get from the original ideea.

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im honestly excited , i wanna know what are the prizes

Update on the update / maintenance:

Maintenance extended by 1 hour from 11 am UTC to 12 pm UTC:


Actually, looks like its back up now. Get ready Pilots!!

It is live!!!
New clan rewards, chat functions…

The time now in utc is