Allow us to sell items or just delete them

Hi, i dont know if devs already read my comment, it just a suggestion, how about they allow us to sell items even if its little gold, or at least delete items, why i say this? because before the inventory limit i had more than 4000 items, after the inventory item with the legacy convertion i had 500 items, tons of legendaries power kits, now i have like 350, but still too much, ive been farming gold, i wish i could delete those power kits cuz they dont let me open box, cant finish daily quest cuz cant collect items, but anyways, daily im upgrading stuff slowly till i finaly can get space to 220 items, but if we could sell items that would help others (i know im not the only one who has this problem) what do you think?


there have been a lot of threads like this

but still has not been passed

i guess i will keep deleting, i mean using 15-20 items per day while upgrading i think in about 10 days i will be fine

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TS will have to implement a preferable sell off or dispose of or some other similar destroy feature because in time when anyone gets their bots done even all 6 bots.

If you stop playing campaign completely and just play PvP we still get boxes at times which will fill up the inventory even if you upgrade items just to upgrade having no use for them anymore.

So inventory filled then everything goes to UNCLAIMED which guess what it TOO seems to have a limitation which I disappointingly found out recently when I lost ALL my boxes from the last PORTAL Flaming Scope that was run.
The boxes were in unclaimed but after refresh BLAM back to the 840 that was in there before, spending all that time and fuel hammering the map only to loose all 30 boxes. :rage:

The developers @tacticsoft have implemented the ability to auto farm levels so that we can gain money to upgrade.

Since we are able to farm, this nullifies any need to sell items or just dispose of them completely, as we can just spend a little time in our day to farm a little money to just upgrade our items. There is really no need for selling items in general because auto-farming and upgrading already poses a bigger benefit no matter your level or progress.

What are you high on? i want some

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the good stuffs dont come easy :3

DOO IT i have that idea 2 day ago