Allow speeding up the game

Add a speed-up or x2 button. at least for campaign.

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ok so im completely #woke rn (ok im actually on a substance that makes me function faster and be able to concentrate (i used it for NaNoWriMo. it helped a bunch. no more writer’s block) and i grind Super Mechs campaign missions between paragraphs (normally i get bored quickly and don’t feel like playing campaign until i run out of fuel, but i run out constantly rn)) and the game seems extremely slow for me and if u could please speed up how long it takes the enemy mech to sigh/cool down and the letters “shut down” to show up, or how long it takes weapons to fire and how long it takes the damage amount to show up, or the mechs to move, that would be great. thank you

i never had more than 100k gold after the update but here i am with 300k. hoopefuly they dont make another update and lower my godl to 10% of what it currently is

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you might have also noticed my increased outpuut of hella woke posts about great ideas for the game. i’ll be making a weapon idea video soon. toodles

wait on youtube or here?

on here my dear boy. on here

wait. u mean the video or the speeding up? speeding up ingame. the video will be on youtube but i will post a link in the forum

okay what is your channel called?

i’ll make that clear when i upload a vidya


i put a post like 30 min ago for this related
u noticed the extra stamina on login reward?
its usefull only on campain so why not introduce a ticket to instaclear a lvl u already completed and have some every month for free instead of the stamina bonus
this would make farming more effective and fast and also make the game better for giving u more time to pvp that its indeed the idea in general

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It appears the game has been sped up with this new update

just a little bit but kill the idea of farming so theres no point on fighthing campaign for items to fuse