Allow overweight on the expense of movement


Hello Every one ,

How about allowing extra weight on the expense of movement?

That is ;

40 weight more : you lose one movement and cant jump
80 weight more : you cant move at all

you can still use teleport to move once.


Considering this is pointless, the devs won’t really implement this due to the fact they wish to have more movements in battle.

Plus learn to build with what you’ve got. 1000 weight is more than enough to build pretty damn good mechs. Limit your weapon, mod, utilities choices for ea type. You don’t always need all utilities and you don’t need more than 3-4 (heat/phys) 5-6 (energy) weapons on each mech.

So learn to build better aye.


Overweight vs Movement is a well known Build design in Most Mech Games.

and I know how to build better thanks. this has nothing to do with My knowledge of building Mechs.

you want extra HP or Extra modules , then lose movement.

this is a Diversity and not lack of knowledge hoiw to build good Mechs.


U won’t lose movement if you don’t have any lmao


lol to Eneginner;s comment

no to the OP’s idea… the game needs more movement, not less…

setting a fixed limit on weight is the one thing that helps to create game balance

now… giving players bonuses for having less weight… that could be interesting…


İll take it, all claw users unite… Already cant move :slight_smile:


Cool… then The Claw could be powered up even more as The Claw cannot move to begin with and hence could always be overloaded with another 80 kg.

Or wait… The Claw has a default movement of 0 so adding additional weight would make it lose 1 movement resulting in a movement value of -1.
That means The Claw could actually move with overweight.
You would just need to click in the opposite direction you want to go!
E.g.: The Claw with 40 kg overweight = movement value is “-1”.
Click to move to the right -> movement value “-1” is applied = move 1 step to the left.

WOW!!! You really have thought this through!

All users of The Claw can choose between “The users of The Claw can equip 80 kg extra weight for nothing.” and “The users of The Claw can equip 40 kg extra weight to gain a reversed movement ability.”.
This is the perfect buff for The Claw!
This would make “The Claw” even more OP than it had even been before its nerf.


Almost you forgot one point of his suggestion: up to 40 kg extra weight = movement -1
The Claw’s default movement = 0
–> The Claw’s movement with 40 kg overweight = 0 - 1 = -1

Read explanation in my previous comment for better understanding.


Should have read better. Srry mate.


I was just joking.
But it would be funny for The Claw to get a movement buff through a supposed movement nerf… :rofl::rofl:


hmm no
unless 80 or more makes you hurt yourself or something worst since people could overbuild and be like “:stuck_out_tongue: who cares”


The Claw cant overweight. he does not have movement to trade with more weight to begin with.

This is easy to deal with. No overweight if you cant move


actually is not so easy to deal with… devs cant specify a certain characteristic that affects all the items (or legs in this case) except for 1 (the claw)
so tbh i think no overweight should be allowed