Allow only 1 of a certain weapon per mech

Ok: My idea is Very, VERY major, so read the whole thing before anybody freaks out.

My idea is that once you equip a certain weapon not your mech, you cannot equip a second or third or fourth of that weapon.
For example, once you equip once valiant, or 1 magma blast, you cannot equip any more onto that mech.
I feel like this would virtually destroy the unbalanced metas of the game and make tons of new strategy and builds. For example, dual valiant=gone
Dual annihilation=gone
Dual magmablast=gone

If you think about it, all the unbalanced meta’s have involved multiple of the same item.

Also, before physical users start getting mad because now energies will crush them because no dual annihilation, remember that with this implemented no dual valiants or dual malice beams will exist to eat you alive. And same with you energies, no dual desolation will kill you unconditionally.

On a final note, if this is implemented, I feel that the devs should allow people who had, lets say, 3 bunker shells on one mech, to trade those bunker shells in each for a random mythical? If you have two epic corrupt lights that were already equipped, trade them in for each a random epic. However, the items would have to be equipped on the mech pre-update or else they could not be traded in. If anybody has a better idea for compensation let me know.

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@Sarah247 @Mohadib

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Just 1 armour plating each as well?

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no, not modules, just weapons

This sounds like a good idea, but would also shake up the game a ton
It would be like a mini reloaded, and while it would cause a lot of joy for some, for the people using the metas they will be outraged
I doubt tactisoft will do this cause of that reason

It does add a ton of strategy though, but we would need a couple new weapons to be added in


What ? Why? You can just make another mech with them…

Well, I mean like, what if already have 6 mechs.

Why would you want to fuse a good l-m item?

this idea is stupid , learn to counter your enemies.

End of story

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It has nothing to do wit me countering anybody, but Don’t you think he game gets boring when all the energies are dual valiant or dual magma blasts are triple magma blasts? IT would let free to play players have a better chance, and also make the game more interesting as there will be a larger variety of builds.
I don’t see why you have to make a fight on this thread already.

That ^

You just missed the point of the entire paragraph i just wrote -_-

8 Platinumplate easy counter))

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I want my double nightfall and mercy build stay

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Try to put aside your build and think for the better of the game as a whole

About half the builds in this game use more than 1 weapon. Why? Because it’s sometimes more efficient to have two identical weapons as opposed to two different weapons.

But, seriously, just no. . .

You can build a more advanced mech instead of whinning about better than yours

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pls nerf dual weapons ;c

That was not the point of the post, I don’t have a problem losing to dual anythings.

If someone just got second weapon thah he/she hard worked for i think letting that person equipping it is a good idea too

On a side note, I obviously deleted everything because nobody liked the idea, so why re you still replying…?