Allow 4v4, 5v5, 6v6


Allow players to do 4v4, 5v5 and 6v6.
Would love to see 50 minute battles and people complaining.

Please lol I need my daily dose of negativity.


Nah fam,i’m gr8.



Positive response from me
I also see a lot of likes
I think it would be a fun idea

A few other potential add-ons…

  • I’d keep it simple and just bring out the 6v6 only
  • To make it fun and different, create a Championship Belt, that only one player carries
  • You could also consider a Championship Crown (hey, a new hat :smiley:)
  • Have a list of players wanting to challenge for the Belt / Crown
  • Players must defend their Belt / Crown at least once a week (can list hours available for challenger to meet them online)
  • If the current Champion does not fight for a week, he is stripped of his title and then the top two players on the list fight for the new Belt / Crown


That reminds me pretty much a “King of the Mountain” game mode ^^


I just think the game should have a way to say who is the clear champion. What better way than a Championship Crown or Belt :smiley:


yes, otherwise, whats the point of 6 mech slots… dont you see?


i dont know if this game need a similar change but for me surely must increase the number of mech chose in the 2v2 battle at least of 4th mech, maybe don t change the 2v2 but give us more mech chose please


lol i am ready for 4vs 4 too…idk about 5v5/6v6 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Come on man!

I wanna see that totally unupgraded 6th Mech enter the game against my High Rank 1st Mech with Falcon and blow that thing away in 1 shot

True definition of Cannon Fodder

Now that, would be fun! :rofl:


4v4, 5v5, 6v6 against it. I’m not waisting more than half an hour to do that.


please do it… it gud brain idea


Actually,that would be more than entertaining for me.
It would be like an army vs army battle.Awesome!


i fully support this

did i mention fully



Well, that be for you guys, but not me. If it were optional, than bring it. I would only do 2v2, or 1v1.


i was thinking this idea before clan rewards but instead was 2 players of same clan 4vs4 2 mechs for those members,5vs5 2 or 3 mechs but only one should chose 3 and 6vs6 3 mechs per both players but tactisoft added clan rewards and this was on facebook page of supermechs


No, for obvious reasons.