😦 All These Boxes




Nice that when your iiventory is full those boxes don’t dissapear

  1. Any premium boxes we open in the next 5 hours will have a bit of a higher chance to get a drone? Or only ones bought right now?

  2. The premium boxes i bought just now while theres a bigger chance to get a drone, will the drone drop chance still be there when i finally open the boxes after i fuse every single item i have into 1 item so i can have enough space?


Why @Dwightx ? :no_mouth: :no_mouth: :no_mouth:
I would of opened them when there was no inventory limit and started building my 2nd and 3rd mech.


@ToxicDoll i opened all of mine when i had no limit. Since then i have managed to collect up over 70 boxes.


So, im pretty sure dwightx has opened every box he had before the limit took place again.


^ Yea this was pretty much all today or when the inventory limit dissapeared

Also I think the new drone is pretty useless it has 3 uses unless its OP at MAX


Hi amber :innocent: you should read my inbox message :raised_hands:


That IS nice when compared to what could happen otherwise. But it’s not nice that we coulda opened our boxes if not for TS stopping us from doing that, and forcing a limit onto us.


The one about a hug?


TS better get a move on clearing up the inventory limit issue or I’ll end up with 10,000 in unclaimed boxes by the time I clear the 3,000 items in inventory.

At least the unclaimed will be easier to process once inventory is clear beings I can take out a few boxes at a time.


It was a personal joke :cry: but yes !



fortune box?? what is that??


It’s a secret box i’ll do a video on it maybe


Still getting more boxes


I been over 100 for awhile now. They just stacking up. Im sure i could have had at least 500 at this point if i was more active. This is BS


I only play supermechs by the way idk what battle dawn is or what it’s like.
Also I looked this up :point_right: “как твой день” :point_left:


I didnt say anything about Battle Dawn. I daid bs.


I know u have know choices left, but you open ramboy mix box after some time, n save to unclaimed section this may happens

If you open mix box as drop. This may heppens often.