All the famous sayings you know

you know those sayings that are supposed to be very wise and full of purpose? Everyone knows at least one good one. You only have to post the saying, not the person who came up with it. Let’s see how many we can get here!

I will go first:
how are you going to know how to get up if you don’t fall

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If number make you happy
You will never happy
Because number are infinity.

-Some random deep fried meme with corn

“Steal all of :b:ioniclefan414’s :b:eans”
-Fyrestare 2019

Is this world real?
I am real even this world is not real so wut da matter?

-someone I totally remember their name but I won’t give the credit to do like I just say something very meaningful.

“my dad beats me”
-All 1800’s kids

Spiderman: No matter how many times you get down, you take it like a champ, b/c you will always find another way,

Spiderman nior: We don’t take things where we want, we just dance.

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Never trust 3 things in life.
1- politicians.
2- the weather
3 - A big butt and a smile…that girl is poison
#3 Courtesy of Bel Biv Devoe

Do not be afraid of improvement; you cannot achieve it

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said by my suicidal friend…

“Mc??? Why can’t u play minecraft right now? are you at dinner? why aren’t you responding?”

-my minecraft obsessed friend

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-That one neckbeard guy

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Good Ol’ Murphy’s law:

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”

I can also bring on the table Internet’s Rule #34, but less people will appreaciate it

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“Won’t hurt? Being torn apart by wolves won’t hurt?”

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
gets a dictionary thrown at me

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