All players,protest!

This idea originally belongs to @HateBlueMechs,but I shall take it one step further.
This is how our peaceful protest going to take place:

We will down-rank to 20-15 to 1v1 instead of 2v2 and hold the rank.
We will not buy any tokens,any boxes for the time being.
We will download an ad-blocker.
We shall spread the word about the protest.

We will keep doing this until TS makes a change/reverts SM back to normal.

  • I agree and I will join the protest.
  • I will not join you guys.
  • Else.

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I dont see the problem with the new update , is this a bad thing ?

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i want campaign i already has adguard

I’ll have to take a pass on that one.

it’s not going to change their minds and I have a duty to my clan to preform the best I can.

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Well, it is a major problem for those who prefer 1v1 or 3v3 only. Not everyone likes 2v2.

Plus, most of us aren’t even started with a second mech. I know we can always make a second mech, but forcing 2v2 on all players above rank 14 is just wrong.


In mean campaign isn’t such a huge deal.
Let’s play campaign but the other remain available.

I don’t want my clan to drop, and im too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, see my reply to Sarah on the update thread. I tried it, went back to R3, it was an honest effort, but I am done with this crap.

As a matter of principle, and in good spirit, I will join you back at R20-15.

However, after that I’m quitting the game if the update isn’t rolled back today.

Believe me dude, there much better things out there. We just don’t want to leave our comfort zone and explore …maybe.

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Loyalty and camaraderie is a good thing mate, I respect that.

However, sometimes one must put ‘country ahead of party’ for want of a better analogy.

Although I dislike HTK, there are good guys such as yourself in there.

Good luck pal!


One problem my clan will be horrible if I do this

it is very rarely mentioned idea now a days…
i am glad that youngsters still remember honor and loyalty…

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Thank you. But I’m pretty sure I’m a lot older than you :grin:


i would,t bet on it…:wink:

Oh, i’m young. Only 96 years old :wink:

Although I will agree to protest. This update SUCKS.

I agree with the spirit of the idea, but I can’t imagine it will inspire change. I doubt that our anger and disappointment is any greater than that of the veterans who endured the massive changes made last September.

Think about it from their perspective. Many of those dudes played for years and had spent quite a bit of money. They had multiple top tier mechs. The update forced them to convert everything down to 1 playable mech with some spare parts left over. Now TS is forcing them to re-create the very thing that was taken away from them, multiple good mechs.

Maybe TS ran out of ideas or just got lazy. It sure seems like this update in combination with September’s update was just a means of re-rolling everyone.


I would join but i don’t want to make my clanmates angry