All player must know this

in the images we can see how a player passes the conquests to another player at the end of the era to get more score, it was a considerable number of conquests and this is only what I could see, surely they were more. I could look at 8 conquests like this

this is my suggestion, put a rule about this, or the next era 20 of my friends will be making conquests for me and then just take them, the admin theo told me: "We do not govern the liberation / capture of conquers. "

so while not punished, EVERY ONE MUST KNOW AND APPLY IT, you can make conquers and pass them to your friends, or your friends can conquer and then pass them on, SO TO BE FAIR, ALL PLAYERS, DO IT, THIS DOES NOT BE PUNISHED UNTIL THERE IS A RULE

I do not blame the administrator Theo, I think he only applies the rules, but the rules can always be better

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I agree, that blows. Although we dont see it to the extent that GolDRoguer explained, but we shouldnt let it get to that point either way