All New Portal!


i don’t know if this is anything good but i will check


Gold portal…


always the same,news weapon or module for when? pff


Whats the point of gold portal anyways, i dont get it


To help those snaps that blew their gold on mything or stupid shit.

Helps, even if it’s not much, free tokens as well. Useful for most who don’t spend money on the game.


It would’ have been better if tacticsoft instead of gold portals gave us items portal, and i dont mean the new or precious ones, just the ability to get good amount of items for fusing


If only man, that’d be nice. Would actually be happy to farm then. Unlike rn, where you’d literally bebetter off buying silver boxes for fod to fuse shit.


True story, i have 4.5 mil and need some blue boxes to fuze.


In the previous gold portal we got boxes as drops.Not just that,the first tries gave many epics and some legendary items (Like they had a better rate of dropping).
Now we don’t get boxes on these kind of missions anymore.
Maybe make it back to the way they were?


There was a portal event called the unicorn portal (I was too weak at that moment to complete the easy difficulty X.X)

I heard from every plyer who was in that it had good drop rates…like an item portal…


Nope, there never was a gold portal that dropped boxes too.
They were other kind of portals, not focused on giving away gold.


Well,it said ‘‘Gold Portal’’,they weren’t item portals
And yes,it did drop stacks of gold,tokens and also boxes:
MIX boxes with a better chance at getting some higher tier items
Now you get the gold,you also get the tokens,but what happened with the boxes?
'Used to get a lotta epic out of them…


I’ve played all the gold portal we had till now, and none of 'em was giving out boxes too.
I’m pretty sure everyone else here can tell you the same thing :sweat_smile:


Same here, Yep they never did, I complained from the very first one they did that it was missing boxes.

Unicorny was the best out of them all so far and we may NEVER see another which is GOOD for me until I finally get all the BS inventory gone then the bloody 800+ from unclaimed.

Now my only complaint would be jack up the XP on these Goldy ports equal to the BB XP of 9,995 and you would have a worthy temporary game.


Did gold portal ever drop box?I played 15 times and never drop a box, low chance or NO box?


I haven’t gotten a single box either


Or 1% chance to get a box, and give you 5 gold card ( just kidding:), but if not gold portal just a useless portal.


If you look at the mission rewards, you should see that there’s no boxes as reward showing ( so far i know ).


Why I can see 0-1 box?


same with me…I see 0-1 boxes