All my battles freeze



I honestly hesitated a lot before making any claims, because here I have the impression that nobody solves anything.

But dead for dead, my claim is that all my battles freeze and then give them to me as lost.

My cache is clean, my laptop too, the connection is good, but the game is really broken.

I doubt, but the new staff of supermechs is a disaster, they have totally neglected the game, they do not care about anything, just collect the money from the tokens. This is a scam and a shame.

Rgds. Nancy.


Woah calm down, they’re still looking into this like the others’ complaints.


@Wepwawet We are looking into all complaints about battle freezes.
We also have a fix for battle freezes coming out in the next update. You should see it early next week.

If you could be more specific about what you are experiencing by giving us a video or play by play we will be able to investigate.

We appreciate your patience. Thanks!


Dear Sarah …

I think I’ve had too much patience, more than I usually have. I only count to 10, I read a book and I return.

You talk about solving problems and 2 weeks ago I sent you an email because I had not received my reward. You answered me anything and the clan reward did not appear. I chose not to insist.

When Alex answered the mails it was very different.

You know well what problems the game has. I do not think they need videos and photos. In the meantime they keep uploading updates and new decorations.

In the end, I have been so bored, that I will leave the game at any time. I invested a lot in this game and it’s unfair. Now it turns out I have my mechs standing still and I can not play because of the rubbish in the game.

I am not a girl, I am an adult and a little more respect would be good. And respect comes from telling the truth, not from answering anything to get out of the way.

I’m sorry, I’m very direct and executive. Do not decorate the pills.

Have a great day.


I just had this too. My screen froze mid game forcing me to refresh and of course it counts as a loss.

Also earlier i clicked “enter battle”, nothing showed up. I waited for about 15 seconds and got scared it would enter me into a battle and i would lose a turn or something so I left to chat. I refreshed and when i came back it shows that I WAS in a battle and shows me as quitting. Welp looks like im not getting a medal this week, because of gliches. Absolutely amazing.


I just went from rank 2 to rank 63, all because of glitches. On the last day too. Salty doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel rn.


The truth is that this site has so many problems, bugs, hackers, so much crap … that I’m very afraid it can harm my computer.


I agree that there are a lot of problems.