All Hail our god Yeet




Delet ur acc to delet dat topic.

Just joking dont do it.


Just move it to spam, change title to All Hail Yeet, and edit the post to Yeet is My Dad


Um no.



In all seriousness move it to spam though.


I did move it to spam now. Look at the title :slight_smile:


Good job.
You get nothing.
Enjoy your nothing!

Made at Nothing factories, Distributed by


That’s a lot of eyebrows, eyes and mouths. Are you an alien?


Yas. I am a Kn0Viper.


not just any alien, a xenomorph


Nah I am good I will just hail no one


Serving the yeet with all the force of the Ptolemaic Army

Art work by FrekOps from the MSA community


Combined with this army:

We will never lose.


Our orang power will save us…



You and your thieving different sized words. That is my snitch and always will be


I am your son…
Feed me



Is it okay to revive spam topics?