All clan rewards for wins

Can somebody, perhaps somebody who is in a top clan that made 2000 wins already, tell me the rewards for the clan? Thanks :smile:

2k wins = guaranteed legendary card.

I saw a lot of people this week with ash creators (not maxed on any of them)

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Guaranteed? I thought it was just a premium box.

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Please somebody who was in a clan that reached this level tell me, to avoid confusion

Do you know for sure that it is guarenteed legendary, as in you were in a clan that reached that, or did somebody just tell you that they got a legendary?

It is a guaranteed legendary.


It is NOT - repeat NOT a guaranteed legendary - it is a premium box

The clan i am in is currently @ 2557 wins -

Epic Grim Cobra :expressionless:


The fack… it is a 75 toke box… waht is wrong qith you people?
1k wins =50 tokens.
2k wins = 75 token box.
5k wins = 100 token.
Stopt this nonsense.


Thank you for your clarification